Do I need a DAC that can handle more than 16bit music files?
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Oct 2, 2013
  @taiz Been looking at the D1! It looks like a solid DAC
@PurpleAngel I agree, thanks for the heads up! I'll stay clear of those.
@bgentry I should have made it more clear in my post lol! I do have an amp. The Project Polaris by Garage1217. It's pretty intense and can crank out around 1.6 W of power for the 400i's.
I appreciate it though! I do think I'm probably going to end up with the Modi 2 Uber.

You cant go wrong with that m2Uber. It has 3 different types of inputs, a linear regulated power supply for it's audio section and all the resolutions you could possibly want for an unbelievable price. It's buit well, metal not plastic and sounds great. I own one and it compares to my other DACs costing several times the price.

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