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Do I have too many headphones? (Just saying Hi! But with poll...)

  1. ieee754
    I have one pair for different uses:
    - IEMs (HIFIMAN RE-400i) when going out
    - Fullsize sealed (Sennheiser Momentum) for travelling
    - Fullsize open (HIFIMAN HE-560) for home listening
    - Speakers (Logitech S220) for watching movies / playing games (I don't care that much about SQ in this case, but these speakers sound really fine)
  2. Solrighal
    The most I've ever had at any one time was nine pairs (not including the bundled crap you get with phones etc). These days I'm down to two pairs. One for at my desk in the house & the other for when I'm out & about.
    I do see a pair of DT150's on the horizon though, for those times in the hose when isolation is required.
  3. gibtg
    The trend appears to be going for fewer and fewer, maybe that's a sign that I need to get rid of some :)
  4. lltfdaniel
    I own Over 10 hps.
    Prefer the sound of focal branded headphones over them really.
  5. gibtg
    Prefer focal over what?
  6. MorrisL
    Made for studio use, the DT150 clamps very hard and is really uncomfortable. Are you sure you want them for home use?
    Aren't there more suitable options out there, like DT770, DT660, SRH440?
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Another important aspect is to provide signature/tonality variety across your collection.
    My preference is bright/analytical, when I first joined Head-fi not even myself knew what kind of sound I wanted, this took trial and error. Once I found it I started buying several bright IEM/headphones and some started sounding very similar to each other.
    Now I try and balance that out with some warmer sounding gear. Bright will be my natural preference, but it depends on your listening environment and mood. At 2am in the morning when I just want  music rather than analyze it a bright overly detailed headphone doesn't make sense.
    I try and share the signatures out a little, some warm, some bright.  The key is not letting your collection cause boredom.
    By switching between several signatures and tonality you never adjust completely to one which in turn (for me) prevents immunity to its performance.

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