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Do 'High-End' Audio cables matter?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by shure530, Oct 18, 2011.
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  1. SHURE530
    I was doing a little research on the net and so far i've gotten mixed reviews.
    There was one experiment where the test subject couldn't tell the difference between a monster cable and a cheap wire.
    I'm using the SR71B + Algorhythm Solo + Audeze LCD2 + iPad.
    Do you think cables are worth it? I saw Jude using upgraded cables with his portable rig.
  2. Head Injury
    No, cables aren't worth it. It would be better to discuss why in the Sound Science forum.
    Suffice it to say that there's no evidence to support real audible differences, and a fair amount to refute them.
  3. andrewberge
  4. scootermafia
  5. CatboyMac
    Jude probably got them from a site sponsor.
  6. Girls Generation

    Oh really now.

    Which cables have you heard again?
  7. SHURE530


    actually, instead of a scientific debate i would really like to hear from people (fortunate/unfortunate) enough to get high end cables. like what has your experience with high end cables been like?
  8. Head Injury

    If you have proof that they matter, I think there would be many people on the forum who would like to see it.
  9. andrewberge
    The problem with that is that the only ones who get the high end cables are the ones who believe they make a difference.
    You probably won't get the most objective answers.
  10. scootermafia
    Any impressions of cables are subjective.  You are correct that there is no way to use a measuring device other than your own ears to prove that a certain cable performance parameter correlates to something sounding a certain way.
  11. Girls Generation

    Same to you. Have you listened to high end cables yourself to make such bold statements?

    Which is why one should hear cables first before saying there isn't an audible difference.
  12. SHURE530


    which cables have you listened and how do they fair in comparison to stock/low end cables? is it possible to describe the change in tonality or sound quality?
  13. SHURE530


    but maybe, some people bought them and found out they were scammed by the cable industry?
  14. Rebel975
    I bought a HE-6 cable for my HE-500 and didn't hear any difference while others were claiming "better micro detail" or some such. I only bought the cable for it's physical characteristics as the stock HE-500 cable is beyond ridiculous (so thick and unwieldy, and frankly it had subpar craftsmanship. It was quite pathetic for being paired with $900 headphones.). Now, I'm not claiming that that extra detail is or isn't there. I'm just glad I can't hear it. I'd rather put my money towards other things. Amps, DAC, better headphones, etc.
  15. Girls Generation

    I've listened to the ADZ-5 and Q-audio cable with the LCD2 rev2 for a while on loan a while back. Obviously I don't have much experience so I'm not arguing specifically on the subject of cables, but against the fact that Head Injury is making such bold presumptions and projecting his opinion onto others that are not so knowledgeable yet. I don't know if he's heard any high-end cables before, but I don't think that's right.

    I've also listened to different quality interconnects with gear. So far to me -I'm not too experienced in describing what I hear- that the Q-Audio cable opens up the sound, and the best way I can summarize this to you that makes sense for people who don't know moon-speak, is that it's like a veil is lifted from the sound. There's not a complete breathtaking change, but I can definitely hear it well enough to say it's worth the $200. It's also ergonomically, astronomically better. I can probably say, the ADZ-5 is like having dirty smudged glasses, and the Q-Audio cable is like having the glasses cleaned with a cloth.

    Now, these aren't exactly 'high-end' like those multi-thousand dollar cables, but I was sold on dumping my ADZ-5/6 when it came. :p

    Similar products : Q-Audio, Double Helix Cables Nucleotide, and Norse Audio Norn.

    As for interconnects, as I confirmed with a couple experienced people on head-fi, the shorter it is, the less difference it makes, whether it's a $300 Piccolino, or a $70 regular upOCC copper.

    Please do note that all of the above is purely subjective, and it's all just "in my experience, and what I heard"
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