Do headphones that boast freq response down to 5hz really deliver this?
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Dec 12, 2012
Hi, I am new on the forum and would really appreciate some info on headphones that claim to deliver bass down to 5hz. Ariel7's tank range have this on the spec sheet but I've not found any reviews yet that verify this. I know the brain isn't supposed to be able to process such low frequencies but if the spec sheets have that number I want to know if they really deliver!
Can someone please point me in the direction of reviews on the Tanks or other headphones that deliver this low frequency?
I am looking for closed cans as I want the isolation and will probably listen to them for 2-3 hours a day so comfort is pretty important too.
I'm also trying to keep the price reasonable too... the Tanks are down to $25 on Amazon which seems freakishly low priced considering retailers in Australia want 129 AUD for them. I like the reviews of the Audio Technica ATH M50s phones and am totally confused by Sennheiser's massive range! I've been bitten and am now very shy of any Klipsch product.
They'll be driven by iphone, laptop and a Denon amp, I listen to all sorts of stuff; classical, house music, ACDC/rock, some jazz,  meditation tracks... all sorts. It's the meditation tracks that are driving my search for phones that will deliver down to 5hz.
Thanks an advance for any and all comments!
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Jul 17, 2012
Firstly, don't believe the RRP, you can go to any shop and say you're not willing to spend that much and they will always oblige and offer a lower price.
Concerning the 5Hz frequency, probably it will go down that low BUT what they don't specify is how bad the roll off will be (i.e. the sound will probably be so low at the frequency that you most likely won't hear it. In your case you won't hear 5Hz anyway).
Quick google image search of "Ariel7 Tank frequency response" turned up nothing. The frequency response graph will tell you how loud @ 5Hz will be
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May 27, 2009
 It's the meditation tracks that are driving my search for phones that will deliver down to 5hz.

One study has suggested that infrasound may cause feelings of awe or fear in humans.
cf wikipedia:
This phenomenon was exploited by the film irréversible, during the most violent scene,in order to give a feeling of uneasiness to the spectator. Frankly the scene is so nasty, that I don't think the infrasounds were necessary.
  Now, there's an artists that rely again on infrasound to give again a feeling of uneasiness, or should I  say, "vertigo in the abyss".
I  was able to get that feeling with the srh940 and the album heresy by lustmord. The srh940 is said to be lacking in mid bass amount (not for me),  but definitely extends low.
And regarding meditation,  I'd think it's a bad idea to rely on such frequencies, unless fear is supposed to have therapeutic properties.

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