Do Grado's work acceptably as portable headphones?
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Sep 11, 2007
First of all I'd like to say I rue the day I found Head-Fi. The more I read the more I want. This will be the third set of headphones on my "To buy" list on top of my current Ultrasone Pro 750s. However, good lord does my music sound good 

Anyway I've given some thought to it and I think I'd like a good pair of circumaural or supra-aural headphones for portable listening. I'm already planning on grabbing a pair of HiFiMAN RE-262 IEMs but I think there's gonna be times when I'd rather have a proper set of cans. Also I sort of like being "that guy" who walks around with the fancy looking pair of cans on his head that aren't the $30 Wal-Mart special or Dr. Dre Beats 
Anyway I've grown heavily interested in the idea of hopping on the Grado train because A) I want to experience this Grado sound that everyone seems to love so much and B) every model they make could win an award for "Coolest looking headphones I've ever seen".
Anyway I'm rambling, as I'm prone to do, so what I really wanna know is: Are Grado's too open to make a proper portable set of headphones? I'd prefer everyone around me didn't have to hear everything I'm listening to and I'd also like to keep all that outside racket out as well. Since pretty much every pair of Grado phones appear to be open back I wondered if this would be an issue. O and for the record I'm thinking either the SR80i or the MS-1 specifically.
As always thanks for the guidance.
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X2 ..... Grado headphones leak sound......A LOT!

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