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Do folks use their CIEM's at the gym?

  1. drew8mc
    After my wife ran my I-pod and IEM's through the wash I was in the market for a new portable rig mostly for the gym, but also as my only portable setup.  The Sansa Clip + was my choice for the perfect gym DAP and I paired it with the Heir Audio 3.Ai.  And before you all jump on me for using an expensive IEM for the gym... screw it!  That's what I wanted. 
    The problem is that the 3.Ai's require some pretty deep insertion and due to their shape, the cable connector, plus the addition of sweat, they pop out easily when running on the treadmill.  A few strides and they will lose their seal and all of the great sound with it.  I have tried all of the tips that came with it and nothing will really stay put.  Knowing this I have 2 questions:
    1.) Should I try other aftermarket tips (like foam) to try and get a better seal.
    2.) Do custom IEM's provide a better fit and no slippage once inserted?  Does anyone use their CIEM's at the gym and if so, do they perform well?  Has anyone ruined theirs from the sweat?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. KimChee
    I use my TF10 customs at the gym regularly.  Fit is perfect and I never worry about them slipping out.  I occasionally use my JH16 for weights too.
  3. Spyro
    Of course I do.  That's kind of the whole point of IEM's isn't it?  "Active listening."
    Customs are much better suited for working out since acrylic repels the sweat.  Plus they "seal" your whole ear cavity not just your ear canal.  Again better at keeping sweat out.
  4. BooBoo91
    i wonder if sweat will affect the driver.
    never try it yet, i used the sony walkman nwz273 instead :)
  5. inthearmsofrain
    i use mine all the time…workout in them…sleep in them, throw them around…..never had a problem
  6. squallkiercosa
    Do you believe me if I tell you that recently re-bought a se215 because I was scared of using expensive IEMs for the same reason? (Not suggesting doing the same, just pointing out the same concerns)
    About your questions:
    1. Seal is the most important thing for almost all IEMs. Is it worth buying tips and test the one that suit best? Yes
    2. I can't jog with CIEMs: I feel them moving too much and bothers me. They don't come out, lose the seal or anything, but I don't feel like the ultimate option. I can't sleep with them either, Universals are in that regard a better option, price also helps, I don't like risking that money. Maybe at gym for working out are not a problem.
    Anyway, people are different, ears are different and I wouldn't expect the same results I had. 
  7. KimChee
    I wanted to mention too that I put my CIEMS in either a hearing aid dehumidifier like Dri-Eze or the Serene Hearing Aid Dryer after use.
  8. fallingreason
    My JH5's have been my dedicated gym IEM for the last year and a half.  If you have a good fitting CIEM, that is the best choice for the gym in my opinion.  Like Spyro said, the acrylic repels sweat and they are easy to wipe down.  Also, they insert deeply enough that sweat can't really backtrack into the tubes.  I like how I never have to adjust them at all, just be mindful that it's more of a pain to pop one out to talk to someone.
    Also, I find the JH audio sound signature great for working out because it is so big and close.  
    Performers often sweat on stage, so most CIEM's were built with that type of environment in mind.
  9. Deviltooth
    BA drivers are susceptible to death via moisture.  Also, it's very easy to catch cables on bars/machines et al.  At the same time I can safely say that over 90% of the people I see at the gym are going through the motions, lifting light weights, doing useless isolation exercises like barbell curls or more often running slowly on a treadmill or elliptical.  These people are unlikely to stress themselves or their earphones.  If you fall into this category you're likely safe using customs.  If on the other hand you exercise for results, you're doing heavy squats, overhead presses, dead lifts etc... all with intensity you probably want to use cheap earphones because the odds are you're more focused on your workout than your music.
    I've destroyed a lot of earphones exercising.  My favourite abuse survivor to date are the Brainwavz R1.  Cheap, sound good and easy to clean out when they fill with disgusting sweaty earwax.
  10. fallingreason
    You think powerlifting is the only way to have a justifiable workout?  [​IMG] 
  11. Deviltooth

    I think a reasonable level of intensity is the only way to experience an effective workout.  You can achieve this in a variety of ways and powerlifting is one of those options.  Kettlebells, suspension training,what have you.  Everything except slowly trudging along on a treadmill/elliptical or lifting tiny weights.  The point being that the majority of people in a typical gym are only pretending to exercise and thus their earphones are not in danger.
  12. Spyro
    Absolutely it will affect the driver.  So keep the IEM's in your ears so sweat doesn't get into the driver.
    Our ears don't sweat so the ONLY WAY working out would trash a driver is if you were sweating profusely and repeatedly took them out and re-inserted without drying your ears down.  IF YOU LEAVE THEM IN YOUR EARS IT IS COMPLETELY HARMLESS.
    Tangling a cable might be the bigger issue.
  13. alpha421
    I use my ciem and Clip Zip when biking, running, and when lifting weights.  Granted it's the cheapest ciem ($179) I have and I wear them with the cable cinched behind my head. Though, you'll never find me wearing my $800 ciems in the gym.  Also, every other workout, I place my workout ciem in a ziplock bag filled with a dozen silica packets.  However, my workout ciem may be getting replaced by the Aurisonic Rockets once it gets delivered.
  14. 3X0
    CIEMs can trigger a foreign-body reflex where your ears will start to "water" over prolonged use, especially if you haven't adapted to them.
    This wetness paired with wet earwax (or if you have so-so earwax that liquefies at elevated body temperatures) can certainly spell disaster.
    Don't do it unless you're sure your ear canal and earwax is under control.
  15. styler Contributor
    pure truth here. love it.
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