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Do Brainwavz HM5 and Fischer FA-003 use the same drivers?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by kingpage, Nov 28, 2011.
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  1. kingpage
    They have the same spec and look the same (old version of FA-003), and the glowing review on mp4nation seems to indicate they are exactly like FA-003. I now want these...
    I really loved FA-006's neutrality, so I'm sure FA-003 would be the best thing for me.
    Can anyone comfirm that HM5 and FA-003 use identical drivers? I have been waiting for someone to post about these here since they were first introduced a week ago or so, but so far there's nothing. By the way, mp4nation is unwilling to make any statement in this regard. Most likely, I won't get a definitive answer since only one guy from mp4nation owns these so far.
    Update: I placed a preorder. It's gonna be a long wait.
  2. kingpage
    But I probably won't receive them until after Christmass, as they are shipped by 19th Dec.
    I'm thinking about getting them and replace my FA-006, I have until tomorrow to decide before they get back up to $115 for preorder (normal price is $140, which is just a little below FA-003's). It's possible that they only share the casing and the bag but not the drivers. However, considering Chinese made stuff could be priced slightly lower than Russian made stuff, I think it is a bang for the buck as well. Too bad I don't know how they compare to FA-003, as there's only one review.
    Even the carry case looks the same as FA-003/FA-006's case.
    I want a headphone like FA-006 but with deeper earpads, without paying $170 for the FA-003. This seems to be the solution to my conudrum?!
  3. sulkoudai
    aren't all brainwavz headphones (including iems) rebranded??
  4. Brooko Contributor
    Well they look just like them - and considering the B2 is virtually a match of Fischer's DBA-2, I'd say the chances are pretty likely it's a straight clone (rebadging).  I was always going to get the FA-003 for my closed can - so I just pulled the trigger on the $99.50 deal.
    There's a review on youtube already - sounds similar to other people's descriptions of the FA-003 to me!

  5. kingpage
    Yeah, that guy's full review is here. What he said about the HM5s is very similar to what LFF said about FA-003.
    See, how they value them in the exact same way. I asked dragon2knight to compare HM5 more specifically to his higher end headphones that he uses in his studio. I hope he will get back to me soon enough.
  6. sulkoudai


    man that guy pisses me off...no, not because of the way he talks or the looks of him. His descriptions just makes me want to spend 100 bucks on these! Does he work for MP4Nations or something??
    im not a big fan of full size headphones, if this is as good as his description, these are my first real full size headphones
  7. Brooko Contributor

    Malveaux owns the Fa-003, and he told me once that they reminded him of a closed HD600.  I see that d2k uses the HD600 in his studio.  If you can - ask him how the HM5 compare to the HD600.  That would tell me a lot.
  8. kingpage
    Is he also a member on head-fi? Where did you see that he has HD600?
  9. Brooko Contributor


    No - he mentioned it in his review I think.
    EDIT - no found it - in one of MP4nation's forum posts:
  10. AzraelDarkangel


    From MP4 forum:
    Which seems to suggest the drivers are custom and not the same as Fischer's, but the housing is probably the same source/manufacturer.
  11. kingpage
    I agree. The logical inference from mp4nation's position of non-disclosure is that they have their own drivers (like Lindy's?).
    Raz is saying there will be more reviews before now and Dec 19th. But that doesn't really help me make a decision.
    On a side note, I wonder if there are people who would be interested to buy my FA-006 off me that is in mint condition still with one year warranty. I think I'd better wait until I had the HM5s before selling FA-006 for some nice comparison, if I decided to place a preorder.
  12. Negakinu
    I just bought the HM5 and Fiio E10 combo deal. Can't wait for them to arrive. I figured, even if the HM5 doesnt sound exactely like the FA-003 I'm still good. I haven't been disappointed by a Brainwavz product yet. 
  13. dragon2knight
    Hi all. dragon2knight here,the guy whose done the lone(so far) review on these :) Just answered a bunch of questions from kingpage and thought I'd join the discussion here. 
    First of all,NO I do not work for mp4nation,and never will.I already own two stores of my own and dont need the job,lol. I do have a full studio over 20 years,though,and know what makes a good monitor. As stated above,I own HD-600's as well as 650's,and like the way the HM5's match up to them(more the 600's than the 650's).I honestly think these are a steal at $99.00,and even at their full price. I will be on here for a bit,if anyone has any questions,ask away,I'll try my best to answer them :)
  14. dragon2knight
    One thing I want to say to all interested in the HM5's. My review may seem overly positive with no mention of any negatives.Theres a reason for this.
    No matter how hard I looked,I honestly couldnt find any flaws worth mentioning.They checked off every box I have for what makes a headphone good:
    1.Build quality. Very well done here,solid and strong,with plenty of custom touches like the removable cords and great padding.
    2.Sound Quality. Good as the HD-600's,and one quarter their price.'nuff said.
    3.Support. Ive been using mp4nation products for over two years now,with mostly good to great results,more than I can say for many Chinese retailers I've bought from.Thats a biggie to me.
    If this is what your after,I say go for it,at the price you really cant go wrong here,and thats the honest truth.
  15. hans030390
    Just pre-ordered a pair. I'm hoping that these really are just rebranded FA-003s, as I've wanted to try those for a while. If not, they still sound like they'll be good. I'm thinking they might be, though. The specs listed are identical to the FA-003, with a small difference in the rated power input.
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