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Do Bowers & Wilkins C5 Need Burn-In?

  1. NIghthawkC5
    Hiya everyone, I'm new to Head-Fi and I just got a pair of B&W C5's and I was wondering if it needed any burn-in, because I tried for 9 hours and so far there isn't any difference in sound.
  2. tinyman392
    Hm...  There are people that don't notice/hear burn in (or some people will have delayed reactions due to lower sensitivity to change in sound).  You may be one fo them.  The C5s did burn in for me...  Became tolerable, but still nothing I'd recommend.  
  3. NIghthawkC5
    That might be possible but previously, I burned in a pair of Klipsch S4's for about 20 hours and noticed a bit of a difference in bass.

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