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Do 320kbps mp3 files really sound better? Take the test!

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by mradrian, Jun 5, 2011.
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  1. winkyeye
    I took the test posted in the OP and I got it right playing it out of a dell latitude -> monster turbine pro gold. It was pretty obvious to me due to the cymbals after listening to both tracks twice, but had I not only focused on the cymbals, I wouldn't have really been able to differentiate. I think with me the difference I hear between 128 and 320kbps is the treble, and sometimes a bit with the soundstaging. Difference between 192 and 320 to me is tiny and I don't think I really ever notice unless I try really hard. Anything over 256 sounds pretty all the same to me.
    EDIT: on my 2 other headphones, I noticed some distortion in the 128 track at around 6 seconds so that was a pretty clear giveaway. Soundstage was also wider in the 320 track
    I will try the mp3ornot site when I get home [​IMG]
  2. John In Cali
    It's pretty easy to tell when you listen closely to the decay of the higher cymbol.  I passed wearing XB500's(not meant for quality or high's) out of an onboard soundcard on my computer.
  3. Ouspensky
    passed... using mdr-7506 the vocals gave it away.
  4. cFran
    For mp3ornot.com i found myself getting tired after hearing each clip twice. I figure 15/20 (woulda been 15/18 if i stopped...) is enough to justify using ALAC over a lossier compression (ya ya, i know this test wasnt about lossless vs. 320, but im willing to use my harddrive for that last 1% difference, even if it is just placebo effect)
    http://mp3ornot.com/badge/164544.png link for proof i suppose 
  5. Baycode
    I have passed the test (Using on-board sound card of my computer and Vsonic GR-07 attached with E5).
    Cymbals and the second back vocal are the most noticeable parts for me...
  6. K93George
    I started it and it played for a few seconds then buffered so I switched straight to the other track.  I was instantly able to tell, I didn't believe myself so I kept listening between the two and I just couldn't convince myself otherwise, so my first instant reactions was right! =D

    I was using my computer with TOSLINK @ 24/ 192 into my Onkyo TX-SR606, which powers my K702s :)
  7. vinnievidi
    I was able to guess the 320 out of a pair of SE535 playing through a MacBook Pro 13".  The biggest difference was in the cymbals during the fill, when the high frequencies start to get busy.  I would like to go and try this with my Apple Dual Driver IEMs to see if the difference is less pronounced.
  8. vinnievidi
    I just tried it with my Apple IEMs--the difference was not as noticeable.  That's not to say that there wasn't one, it's just that if I were listening to 128 on my iPhone when out-and-about, and to be honest, I would probably not notice much of a degradation in sound.
  9. Puranti
    I took the test and won, you can see the difference in the fact that the second clip has some less detailed instruments, and some noises due to poor quality
  10. bowei006 Contributor
    I got it right :D the first one felt good. the second one. i knew was the lower quality one immidealtly, lesser immersance in the music and the hiss and ...well let's just say the music didn't pop
  11. Boond




    I don't think you were supposed to reveal the answer...  Anyway, I passed, I had to listen to both twice though.
  12. Puranti

    Yeah but when you come to this thread you should do it first then read it, but i had to listen twice too.
  13. Brooko Contributor
    Ok - try this one then.  Repeat (same session) for at least 20 tries.  It's only 3 songs rotated at random.  Should be easy for all you guys that can easily spot the difference [​IMG].  About a 10 minute exercise.
  14. lee730
    Got it right myself. I took the next test and got the first answer wrong but the other two questions I got right. This is using my Silver Cabled IE8s.
  15. RazorJack
    I got it right, with my Hotaudio dac, Shanling amp and DT770pro.
    To me, the reverb behind the vocals when he says "which way you're going" sounds wider and more detailed, and the bass drum at the end of the clip has more punch.
    And if that wasn't it, the cymbals really gave it away, especially around 0:14 in the supposedly wrong clip.
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