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DNA Stellaris

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by yage, Feb 3, 2016.
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  1. claud W
    I give, I give. Ordered Acme 2A3 Supreme pair. Yes, John, I ordered a select set.
    I have 50s RCA 5u4Gs and U52s and KR Rk. Just too much good words to not order immediately.
  2. bgcports
    Good move ordering the select set. That's what I did - didn't want to take any chances given previous whisperings about QA and all that. Grant Fidelity out of Canada who fulfills the orders is extremely prompt and the tubes come packaged well. Don't be alarmed by the unorthodox foam packaging and associated shrink wrapping - honestly it appears to be more robust than when tubes are just shipped in foam cutouts inside a cardboard box. You won't regret the purchase.
  3. bgcports
    Updated photo with current tube compliment.


    Last edited: Jul 1, 2019
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  4. RubyTiger
    I can't see the photo and not sure what is wrong. Did you upload it as a file?
  5. claud W
    No photo here-----and you know how much we DNA folks LOVE pics of tubes!!
  6. bgcports

    Check the original post above again...pic should be visible now, not sure what happened last time. I can see it - let me know if you can't.
  7. claud W
    Thanks. Looks like you have a PS Perfect Wave too.
  8. claud W
    Got my Acmes. DSC_2172.JPG
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
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  9. claud W
    There are the best select ones. Great packing. Have to do some headphone cable auditions first before breaking these in. DSC_2173.JPG
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  10. RubyTiger
    I hope you like them claud W.
  11. claud W
    Any one want to share what rectifier tube you are using with your Acmes? At the moment I am breaking in the Acmes and some Norne headphone cables on my Stratus. I am using the stock 6N1P and a 1944 RCA 5U4G rectifier. System running 24/7 with digital music input from my Ibasso DX 220 DAP.
    I plan to install a RT Select 6N1P and a WE 422a rectifier after Friday.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
  12. RubyTiger
    With the Acme's it's really how good your system is that count's. The tubes scale beautifully. I like the EML, KR RK, and tonight, a 1944 Sylvania that just blew me away.

    Edit: Wrong thread for the photo. Photo removed.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  13. gsr108
    I've been lusting after a stellaris for years. Reached out to Donald a few weeks ago and found out the build time is now projected to be 4-5 months. Deposit placed and he thinks I'll get it in December. I had the Apex Teton in the past and loved the sound - comparisons of the two amps in this thread make me think I'll end up loving this amp.
  14. bgcports
    It's not a PS PerfectWave, the only DAC in my chain is DAVE fronted by a Hugo M-Scaler...though I can see where you might think it's a PerfectWave :). The PS unit is actually DirectStream PowerPlant 12 - I have horrible voltage fluctuation at my house and quite a bit of distortion on the line as well...the PowerPlant cleans up all of that.

    I like them with a 1950s GEC U52 I have, along with the EML mesh plate 5U4G. Tend to find that I like the Acme's with a warmer rectifier - one man's opinion :).
  15. claud W
    I meant a PS Perfect Wave CD player. I guess all PS components look similar.
    I am going to order an EML 5U4G next Saturday.
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