DN-22M Review - A Novice Look
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Jul 27, 2012
Model No. -------------------- Detonator (DN-22M)
Type ---------------------------- HQ (9mm)
F. Response ---------------- 20Hz - 20KHz
Sound Pressure Level --- 112+/- 2dB (1KHz/1Vrms)
Microphone ------------------ -45 +/- 5dB
Impedance ------------------- 16Ω
Noise Attenuation --------- 26dB
Plug Size --------------------- 3.5mm Gold-Plated
Cord Length ----------------- 1.2m
Weight ------------------------- 27g
Hard cover carrying case
Durable soft carrying pouch
S/M/L single tips (black - Large ear opening)
S/M/L single tips (colored insides - Small ear opening) - reviewed using L
M double tips
M triple tips
Rubber Cord Wrapper to adjust cord length
Cord clip
(Sorry no pictures. For some reason Head-fi doesn't allow me to upload pics)
My first reaction when I opened these was that they were heavy! They felt heavier in my hands than any other iems I've had before. I originally assumed that since they were metal that they would be heavy, but this was a bit of a shocker. However, very surprisingly, they stay in very well considering their weight. I do need to readjust from time to time but overall the weight is not a problem when they are worn. The comfort is good for both over the ear and straight down wear once you find the right tip for your ear.
The weight issue further goes away when I wear them over the ear. This also eliminates the very minor microphonics that it has when you wear it straight down. However, wearing them over the ear means having the mic basically right up against your face almost behind your ear, since the mic is pretty high up. Normally the mic works fine and the sound is clear, but when it is worn over the ear I have found that if you were to speak softly some words would get muffed up. Although I would still say the mic works when it's over the ear, the quality does suffer just a bit.
The sound quality, though, is well worth the extra weight. At this price range, I have used the JVC HA-FR201 and the MEELECTRONICS M6, but the DN-22M lets me hear parts of songs that I've never even noticed before. Although the other 2 allows me to run and do exercise while these would probably fall out, the sound quality is in another league. Comparing it the DUNU Trident, another iems in this price range, the bass and treble of the Detonators are much more balanced. Where the Trident's bass is more in the background, you can clearly hear all the nuances of the bass in the Detonators. I would even say that in some instances, the bass is a little overpowering for the treble. I myself enjoy singing along with the music I listen to, and the Trident's clear treble allows me to sing along with the lyrics moreso than with the Detonators. Of course, I can easily imagine that bass heavy music would sound much better with the Detonators.
From the accessories to the earphones, the DUDU DN-22M Detonators are of great quality compared to others in its class.

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