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Oct 16, 2003
I am looking for something that will last me a lifetime. I am a hobbyist DIY so I don't need a bench system or anything too fancy. I would like to purchase a Fluke but am not sure which one. Looking to spend $200 max. Could do more if necessary. I am looking for something that will outperform my needs so I don't have to keep upgrading. Also, I'd need to recommendations on vendors. And which set of probes I would need.

I realize this is pretty open-ended so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Lastly, I will ship my current multimeter to any new member or any member in DIY that could legitimately use it. It was given to me by a generous moderator here and it's my time to pay it forward.
Jun 7, 2005 at 7:28 AM Post #3 of 10 this one is pretty cool. nice how u can see a graph of ur data or upload it to ur pc. looks to have good accuracy for the money too
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Ebay, fluke 89/189 handheld. As good/better than most benchtops. Of course, no 4 wire resistance.... needed for matching resistors. Using 2 wire resistance, ya might as well just guess....
Oh btw I'm a metrologist by trade
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Originally Posted by bigcat39
Oh btw I'm a metrologist by trade

Do you have any opinion on the HP 3468B? These can do 4-wire measurements and have sold for under $100 on ebay.
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Why do you need 4 wire resistance to do resistor testing? I just thought you clipped the two ends and recorded values, then matched them.

What about the 73 line? It's less expensive than the 80 series right? New 70 series or used 80 series? Trying to keep it aroudn 150-200 MAX.

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The short answer is "lead resistance". The 4 wire, or Kelvin method, supplies current over one set of leads and reads across the others. Not quite an order of magnitude better, but close.
My meter at home is a Fluke 179. But if you can get a 89IV for cheap, do it... nice meter
(Heh, my meter @ work? A Fluke 8508A, $14,000)
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APPA isn't so bad either. I have an APPA305 which has many good features including PC interface. The only real disadvantage is current consumption 10 times more than Fluke 77. The other annying feature is slow switching between measurement ranges. Fluke is 10 times faster. I big advantage is price of course.

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