DLIII Screeching noise
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Feb 13, 2007
Hey guys,

A little disconcerted by this issue... I just bought a PS Audio DLIII off Audiogon, and have hooked it up into my system (Laptop -> X-Fi Extreme Expresscard -> Optical cable -> DLIII -> EF1), it plays music cleanly for like 20 seconds then there this awful screeching noise starts on top of the music. Any thoughts or similar experiences?

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Oy... is this a used unit?

I've never had a problem at all with mine... but I do know that PS Audio generally has great customer service. I would start by contacting the seller about an exchange (or a refund, if the unit is used). If that's a non-starter, get in touch with PS Audio about a repair.
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you may try an other source and an other digital input to isolate the issue
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If you hear a screeching noise above the music, that means there is a problem with the sample rate conversion and/or the clock not syncing properly to the selected sample rate. I know what noise you are talking about as I had that issue sometimes when I would manually change the sample rate with my ESI Juli@ soundcard. I have never had any problems with my DL3 though, and it is now modded by RAM. It is a killer DAC stock, and an even more killer DAC when modded.

Try calling PS Audio and see if they will help you. First you need to find out how old it is and when the person purchased it. If PS Audio won't fix it, I'd demand a refund. How much did you pay for it?
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Sorry to hear of your problems. I have two DLIIIs and they both have performed flawessly, with sample rate changes causing no problems. I would suspect a defective unit or bad mods by the previous owner.

As others have suggested, you should consider a refund or exchange. Don't let this bad experience turn you off to this wonderful DAC.

Note that some dealers are selling these brand new for $695 so no need to buy a defective used piece if you can get a new one for that price.

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