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DLeeWebb Breaks 65,000 posts - Daylight Still Second

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  1. wink
  2. oqvist
    What does Daylight second mean?
  3. wink
    It means that when the leader hits the finish line, second placegetter has not even made the front straight.
    i.e. looking down the line, only the leader is in sight.
    ergo, daylight second.
  4. oqvist
    Learned something new. It couldn´t be that the daylight is gone when the second runner reach the finish line or there is no finish line in sight for the second runner?
    I can´t see where the daylight reference comes from that saying :)
  5. wink
    Nope, after the winner, all you see is daylight.
  6. oqvist
    I see no competitor in sight just daylight oh so bright,
    might not at all be tight not even slight.
  7. wink
    State of play on 30th of April 2015
    DLeewebb is still miles ahead.
    Bowei006 is still second but being overhauled by wuwhere
    wuwhere has just recently overtaken krmathis and is steaming towards second place.
    Skylab, Jahn and Silent One are pretty much dormant since Skylab overtook Jahn and Silent One stalled short of them.
    PurpleAngel has kicked mrarroyo off 10th place and is looking to take Edwood's 9th place from him..
  8. Happy Camper
    Nothing against D.Lee but the vast majority of their posts were done in the music forum and had no value to membership. The goal has always been to be the most prolific poster. Compare their posts to U Eric or Skylab and you get the picture.
  9. luberconn
    not everyone is here to teach or be taught or to leave comments of value.  some are....but some are here for the entertainment and comradery or even anime.  look how many posts are in the anime thread. 
  10. wink
    DLeeWebb is still miles in front
    Bowei006 is still second, but the challenge is out from the fast rising wuwhere
    SIlent One has leap-frogged Skylab and Jahn for 6th spot and putting a bid for Uncle Erik's No. 5 spot
    PurpleAngel is steaming up to Edwood after sending mrarroyo packing down to 11th place.
    Keep up the posting, dudes.........[​IMG]
  11. wink
    wuwhere has taken 2nd spot
    Still lightyears behind DLeeWebb
    SIlent One at position No. 6 is inexorably creeping up on Uncle Erik.
    bowei006 has almost stalled
    Skylab is slowly creeping away from Jahn in positions 7 & 8 rspectively.
    Edwood in position 8 is doing the slow crawl up to Jahn.
    Purple Angel is slowly overtaking Edwood and it will be interesting to see who will surpass Jahn first.
    Shows which members contributed the most posts during the time period.
  12. wink
    Shows which members contributed the most posts during the time period.
    wuwhere breaks 40,000 posts. Now at 40,025
    DLeeWebb strides ahead with 56,712 posts
    PurpleAngel leapfrogs Edwood for 9th place
    ... and the posts keep piling on......
  13. oqvist
    One day I will understand the daylight second saying. Just increasing my post count :)
  14. wink
    In this context, the second explanation is correct.....
  15. wink
    btw, compared to DLeeWebb we both have hardly left the start line.       Just padding my post count
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