DIYMod with Cmoy?
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Jan 31, 2009

As you can see in my signature, I have a Ipod video 5g. I would like to turn it in DIYMod.

I would like to keep it low-cost, and want to use it with a Cmoy. So I ask you experienced Head-Fiers: How good or bad is my Idea?
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not worth it IMO; CMOY isnt high enough quality to make the SQ worth your while. DIYMOD sounds great with a good amp, but I havent heard a CMOY thats worthy of it and likely you would only notice a tiny difference from stock ipod.
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Thank you qusp

I just wanted to try it the cheap way... with Cmoy
Would be the Corda XXS do the job for the DIYMod?

And another important question:

I have seen 2 versions of making the DIYMod

The first one is to unsolder the caps in the Ipod, and solder the wire on the contacts where the old caps were.

The second version was, that somebody( I cannot find the post anymore) did not desolder any cap, he just soldered the wires on the old caps and I think pull the wire out through a hole in the ipod housing.

Do you know what the diffrence is?
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difference is really only in execution. I dont like the idea of tethering wires directly to the dac. there is no need to desolder the caps though, but I would not do the second method the way you describe. just solder to the south side of the cap near the dac (i'm assuming 5.5G) and then solder to the south side of L2 and L3 (which are down near the dock and correspond to pins 3,4 in the LOD. the signal will take the most efficient path, and providing you have made a good connection your wires will be that path. you can remove the stuff if you like, but its easier for a noob to get a good solid joint with more to purchase on. hell I dont remove them most of the time. I only do that if i'm feeling in a perfectionist mood. there will be no difference in the audio signal you get either way, but sometimes I do it just because I feel like it. bonus of doing it without removing them is you can get a more solid connection and dont really need to add strain relief. make sure you secure the wires after each joint though, although not as important as when desoldering the caps. good luck!!

as for the corda, i'm not in a position to really say as I only heard it really briefly when a customer came over with one. would be better than a CMOY though. for a reasonably priced amp I would recommend you get a mini^3 built by mister X.

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