DIY - Wireless/SD player for the Mojo

  1. dennistdk
    After seeing Rumina's Raspberry Pi/Mojo project on Thingiverse I decided to make my own as I didn't have the patience to wait for the Poly to arrive (I'm still hoping it will arrive soon). :)

    I used a little different approach as I don't have access to a 3D printer.
    The case used is roughly the same size as the Mojo...


    In total it cost around $25 to build this thing...

    USB cable: ~$1
    Battery: ~$1
    10000mAh Power bank case (without batteries): ~$2
    Raspberry Pi zero w: ~$20

    I've installed Volumio (free Linux player) on it and it supports the following using their really nice app:
    • Playback of files on SD card (a wide range for formats)
    • Airplay streaming (serves as both a hotspot and joins known networks)
    • Bluetooth streaming (modified the image a bit)
    • SMB transfer of files to SD-card
    • Webradio (shoutcast build into the volumio app)

    This was just a quick prototype. The power bank have room for two "flat" packages instead of the single 18650 3000mAh battery, so I'll probably try that out (I'm a bit worried about the cheap battery from China, but it does seem well build).

    The device does have the advantage of being able to use it while charging and it being able to charge my phone/mojo also.

    A downside might be that the box is made of aluminium which blocks some of the bluetooth/wlan signal, but it's usually close to my phone, so not an issue.

    This is the cheap $2 power bank bought of ebay from China. I bought two. One of them was missing a piece... Always buy at least two of every part when it's from China... :)



    Pi Zero W with pins needed


    USB cable with angled adapter


    Power from battery to Pi

    Hole drilled for the cable (note, do not put it in the middle, remember to measure on the Mojo where the best placement is).


    Putting in the battery (which was a few mm's too big, so needed a bit of work - remove plastic, solder connections instead).


    Everything in place


    Added some tape to keep things in place


    And done...

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  2. finleyville
    Nice looking project. How does it sound?

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