DIY Source Selector

  1. domsch1988
    Hello everyone,

    Since my Audio Setup is getting more and more Complex and i hate plugging my Headphones in and out all day, I'd like to build myself a Source Selector.
    I'll do 6 Inputs 2 Outputs. The Two Outputs aren't selectable. It'll be one stereo out on the back, one on the front. The front output switches off the back output.
    I'll probably go with a 6PDT Rotary switch.

    Some Open Questions:
    The Sources have varying outputs.
    - Two are 2 x mono 6,3
    - Two are stereo 3,5
    - one is RCA
    Which connector would you choose for the best flexibility?
    Would you implement some kind of dampening to avoid noise on switching?
    Could a second Output for a second pair of headphones (simultaneously) be implemented passively? Like hooking them up in parallel?

    I'm pretty sure i can get line level on all sources, so volume adjustment won't be needed atm. Since all of them work with my Headphones like is atm, and will be fed into a dedicated amp later, i won't need to balance the levels between sources.

    Any helpful tips before i start are welcome.

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