DIY sound diffusers
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Aug 13, 2006
Hey all!

I want to build some diffusers to put behind my listening position in my room. From what I gather, there are a couple of designs that are commercially available:

- pyramids, semi-cylinders or other regular shapes. They are usually big (2'x2' at least) but I could build them smaller.

- Regular small patterns : Art Diffusors® Seems like the pyramids but more indentations than pyramids and such.

- QRD : hard to do and quite controversial, but seems to work really well for some.

I already have a 3'x4' MDF board left that I would use. I can't hang it on the wall but I would also build some stands to raise it about 2' from the wall.

My room is 13'x10'x8', and there is already bass traps and absorber panels installed. I sit about 3' away from the back wall.

Which design would work best for me?

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