DIY Headphones?
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Uncle Erik

Uncle Exotic
Mar 18, 2006
I was browsing the Mouser ( catalog to find parts for a couple of upcoming projects.

Going through their "Audio" section, I came across part number 25SP500. Here are the stats:

1.57" diameter
.32" deep
600 ohm impedance
0.025W power handling
20Hz-20khz frequency response
manufacturer: Kobitone
price: $5.14 (1-10 units)

No response curves or other information listed, and I haven't mined the Internet for more information yet, either.

Anyhow, it sounds like a headphone transducer to me.

Has anyone else noticed this driver? Has anyone out there played with them? For $10, I'm really tempted to order a pair. If you gutted an old pair of headphones from eBay, you could probably mount these in them. Building amps is great fun, but wouldn't it be great to have DIY headphones?

Thoughts? Ideas?
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1000+ Head-Fier
Nov 18, 2005
I'd personally just give it a go.

I'm sure some would say that doing that would make it so that the driver doesn't have an ear cup designed specifically for it would decrease performance or something.

But it won't cost you much and could be interesting to compare them.

If you're a tradie could do what a stingy mate of mine did. He got the tranducers out of a cheap pair of headphones and stuck them in some ear muffs. Weren't that comfortable, didn't sound that great either but they were pretty good at noise cancelling and probably better than those ear muffs with radios built onto them for about 4 or 5 times the build cost. Plus he did them very cheaply just as something to do.

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