DIY Gaming headset question
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Jul 29, 2012
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Well my headset will be coming in a few days now... Since no one responded to my thread ill be the guinea pig and hope these headphones work.
I have spare brainwavz earpads floating around hoping they will fit. The specs on the headset are so we will see how they sound first.
I am going to assume I need to replace the driver with something better... hoping I think this would work well.
Also can anyone recommend padding for the headset? I suppose I could find some memory foam cut it out into strips then wrap it in cloth or leather. Maybe this will work ...
I will report back with more photos ect... later.
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Otherwise a pair of Superlux HD660 are easy to mod,  cups & headband coming with the headphones are bad quality but they can be replaced for beyerdynamics ones and then just add a mic,    They are very good sounding for the price 

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