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DIY Earbuds

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  1. subwoof3r
    Maybe try different medical adhesive tapes as they have all different porous, this is what I did in my yet best PK shell, the sound is much affected depending on how those tapes are "breathing" (not sure if I'm clear enough?)
    Generally, the more you have holes (or enlarge a single hole) into shells and the more you will have a little more of sub-bass but especially mid-bass impact and less sibilance in the highs while mids generally stays almost the same.
    Depending on drivers used, it can be a good trick to try. Sometimes I still don't have the right balanced sound to my ears so generally I prefer to use other drivers (if equalizer is not enough).
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  2. assassin10000
    Awesome, thanks. I'll stop by the store and grab some porous tape to try. Makes sense to me, the more airflow there is, the more the diaphram will move. Problem was it was either too much or too little flow, so basically I've got to find a sweet spot.

    I don't think the driver will be an issue, as I think it's the same one you used on your best yet pk bud (red film 150ohm pk1 driver).

    Ever experiment with housing fillers like cotton, acoustic poly fill, etc.?

    Yeah, since I'm tuning it I'm going to try and get it as close to ideal sounding (to me) without EQ. Then EQ for fine tuning once I've gotten there.
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  3. subwoof3r
    Definitely, 14.8mm 150ohm pk1 driver has a lot of tuning potential. Probably even better results than EMX500 shells and their 15.4mm drivers.

    I really would like to give a try but I have no idea on where I could order those material stuffs, otherwise it was also my plan :D I'm sure it will anyway respond better in headphones due to the huge space, compared to earbuds shells but who know?
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  4. robar
    I can also vouch for this mx760 set, it does sound really good for a 5usd small shell thing. I'm using it without any additional tuning foam at the moment (because I don't have any atm and other foams/tapes didn't work), and it sounds like a smoother, cleaner, somewhat brighter/thinner Qian69. It's not perfect of course but does the bright/balanced signature quite well and while the bass and highs are rolled off mildly (somewhat similarly but in a cleaner more linear way than qian69) they extend nicely especially above 10k. So the highs are rich while not peaky or exaggerated at all. The bass has quite good impact and linearity for a small shell earbud, I would say it only starts to roll off below 100hz but in a nice smooth way. It doesn't have the 50-60hz presence of mx500 buds of course but I would say it's still nice and musical for most genres. The cable hole was very small so I had to drill it and there is no place for a knot inside so the cable is friction protected only. It would be interesting to try this driver in a dp100 shell, sadly they are very pricey at aliexpress.
    But I've found the mx500 equivalent of this driver (at least I'm 90% sure as the description and the looks are the same just the front cover is different) Have anyone tried this? I'd imagine these drivers sound even better in a bigger shell. If they give bigger bass and more linear upper midrange they would be awesome.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
  5. robar
    Exactly which drivers are those? I'm a bit lost haha, I've found only 35 ohm pet drivers mentioned in the thread.
    I'm actually thinking about trying these out, are these the same or something different? (look like some variant of the mx760 driver we used by the way)
    other listing with more info (notice they used exactly the same frequency graph as our mx760, like with the traditional mx500 style variant I posted recently, but this is listed as N50 magnet not N52)
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2019
  6. subwoof3r
    Here you go : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32766546908.html
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  7. robar
    Ah thanks, so the 35ohm then. :) I wishlisted it, sadly too much for me at the moment, I'll wait for some sale or maybe I can find it for less money somewhere else. (driver prices tend to fluctuate a lot between sellers)
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  8. assassin10000
    Cool. Still working on tuning my 150ohm redfilm pair. The 16ohm sr2 driver tuning is pretty much done.

    As far as materiels go, for cotton I just take some from a cotton ball. I may cut up an earbud foam for material too (haven't tried yet).

    Poly fill is probably going to be harder, as you will probably have to buy a larger quantity. It's usually sold for subwoofer enclosures iirc. It also may be too coarse for use in earbuds.
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  9. subwoof3r
    Here is the exact medical cotton I'm using in my yet best PK mod for the vents :


    I decided to steal some more centimeters from the family medical box :D
    This thing is my best porous tape so far for PK vents. But it's very tricky to do it, because you need the porous lines to be aligned horizontally and match vents perfectly (while keep them not stretched at the same time) to have almost identical sound coming from L and R shells. Sometimes you need few tries before it's getting perfect.

    Once it's perfect, it should look like this :

    Sans titre-1.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2019
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  10. assassin10000
    I'll have to find some and try it.

    This is what I bought, also known as micropore tape:
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  11. homerograco
    Has anybody used the Foster Electric MT009B (9mm) successfully? I got some in the mail today and want to make some earbuds or IEMs case they're too small.
  12. robar
    @subwoof3r I solved the knot-problem with the mx760! I took apart the B40 today and installed its cable into the mx760, it looks and fits quite nice, but it slipped quite easily through the stem so I had to come up with a fixing mechanism. The B40 cable is braided and that was the key to the solution: two small knots instead of one big! :D So I separated the twisted lines near the driver and made a knot on each sub line separately. This way they fit nicely in the shell while protecting the driver so I don't have to be scared all the time of pulling the cable accidentally :D
    Also I've found a really great synergy with trig rain donut foams and this mx760, right now this is my favorite sound of my collection. It brings up the bass and keeps the clarity of highs, creating a good balance for my ears. (I need thick foams for this shell and a full foam muffles the sound too much for my taste) It still has some brightness on the upper mids but it's manageable only peaks slightly when heavy echo effect or distortion is present in the music. Plus there is some warmth to the bass/mids similar to Qian69. If a thin tuning foam would slightly flatten out the profile it would be even better, I hope I'll get my pack in the near future. I already very much prefer this to RY4S UE for example, much more natural vocals/instruments without the excessive brightness/thinness. It's also better than the uneven somewhat messy upper half of Qian69 (overall similar sound signature but mx760 sounds richer airier). I can really sit down and just enjoy the music with this one. My only real problem now is the comfort, sadly these shells start to hurt my ears in less than an hour, maybe I really need to buy a dp100 shell haha
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
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  13. assassin10000

    I picked up some of the medipore tape today. It's decently porous but harder to work with than the micropore tape. Given how stretchy it is.
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  14. subwoof3r
    Nice idea, depending on the wires thickness, it could be a great idea!
    Those MX760 drivers look having much distortion at "high" volume, you are right. I did not spend much time with my MX760 mod since, but for the price it's still one of those hard to beat :)

    Yup, very stretchy I confirm, need to be extremely meticulous while cutting parts and put phase. Remember to keep original stretch while you put and keep the horizontal porous line for excellent result. If you hear some sound/volume difference from L and R sides, then the tapes should not be identical.
  15. robar
    @subwoof3r Yep I got lucky with the B40 cable because it's fairly thin this method works perfectly in this case. Here is a photo I think it matches the shell pretty well visually:
    @HungryPanda I've seen your feedback on a driver listing I'm interested in. Do you have any impressions on these, like what kind of sound signature they have and how good is the overall sound? (for example compared with emx500 drivers) I'm planning to buy one pair from an another listing if it's good.
    your comment is here
    this is what I plan to buy
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
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