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DIY Earbuds

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  1. robar
    Thanks, but if I understand correctly you are speaking about removing foam from the driver itself. In Vido the foam is glued onto the shell vents, and the residue is in every little corner and crevice of the soft plastic. I tried with small tweezers and utility knives etc but I can't remove it without damaging the plastic.
  2. Makahl
    Indeed, it's a bit tricky to clean it completely, probably an easier solution would be just using a new MX500 shell instead. But in this case, when I took it off there were just really tiny residues left so I didn't mind that much. I think a toothbrush + warm water would be enough to take it off, though. :p
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  3. assassin10000
    Well, looks like I've got parts I won't be using.

    The 14.8mm driver shells I ordered... don't actually fit 14.8mm drivers :weary:.


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  4. HungryPanda
    They do with glue :)
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  5. subwoof3r
    Glad to present you my yet first ever MX760 attempt
    (blue shells + high quality 32 ohm drivers) ⚡️

    They are very comfortable (better fit than MX500 shells)
    Very pleased with the result (both look and sound)

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  6. GREQ

    If this even helps one person, then so be it - Avoid these drivers. Worse than even Vido drivers.
    Bass physically starts crapping out and HEAVILY distorting before getting nice and low. Especially loud bass on electronic music just sounds like farts.
    Same with both drivers, so doesn't seem to be a set of faulty drivers, since they're identical.
    Midrange and treble are totally fine - actually kinda great, which is the real strange/sad thing about these.

    Tested on various sources, so it's extremely unlikely to be an issue with output impedance.
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  7. assassin10000

    Verified dimensions, I'm guessing not machined properly (instead of being meant for different size drivers).



    True. But I'd rather not as I want to be able to try different drivers first.

    Got some SR2 16ohm & pk1 150ohm (red film) drivers to try.
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  8. HungryPanda
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  9. robar
    I've received one of the random extremely cheap buds today, which I ordered for diy experiments. Here's the link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32887035677.html
    Do you have any experience with them? I had to destroy the drivers to take it apart, but luckily it accepts 15.4mm drivers. It'll need a bit of glue for the final build but it snaps enough for testing purposes. The biggest advantage of this shell is that it's really small, roughly the same size as Qian39, but the thinner stem and deeper fit makes it even more comfortable. (especially for sleeping etc) For testing I just slammed in below average quality ry4x drivers without any additional tuning. The sound is clean but of course it lacks subbass and quite boxy at the moment. Do you have any tips how to decrease boxiness with tuning/shell mods etc?
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  10. robar
    Compared to Qian39 shell
    70180597_2225257934269973_403504614021791744_n.jpg 70319729_2684308781648417_2646976254191861760_n.jpg
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  11. HungryPanda
    Try putting some tape over the holes at the back of the shell on the inside
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  12. robar
    Thanks, I'll try that as well. What kind of tape do you mean, something like masking tape or sellotape? Btw I put an additional horseshoe on the drivers plus I filled the inside of shell with scrap foam and it sounds pretty balanced now. I think I need a better driver to improve the sound significantly, as the bud sounds ok now, it just lacks extension and dynamics, the two main weaknesses of the ry4x driver. I'll try with vido tomorrow, if I can improve bass and highs, plus bring up the mids around 2k a bit, it will be quite decent.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
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  13. HungryPanda
    I used a small piece of electrical tape in some of mine or the centre piece of the horse shoe foam
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  14. robar
    Thanks! I tried the vido driver, and with huge amount of foam in the shell, I could clean up the boxiness. However bass starts to roll off as early as 200hz and it sounds quite anemic from 125hz. This is the first time I hear a vido driver sounding thin :D Is there a way to increase bass extension, like drilling holes etc, or a brighter cleaner driver would solve the problem? The shell basically slides the bass response towards 250-400hz and sucks out 2k. With a lot of damping I could fairly smooth out everything, except bass extension.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
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  15. robar
    Do you know what's the difference (if any) between putting horshoe foam on the vents (like vido) versus putting directly on the driver?
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