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DIY Earbuds

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  1. GREQ
    Ah, sorry... I meant the LG bud. :)
  2. robar
    Yeah, I don't really like that shell nor the RY4C one, they are not comfortable for me and acoustically inferior too. Do you know any cheap 14.8mm drivers or earbuds for parts (under 4-5usd) which could be a good starting point for DIY? The best would be something like vido (cheap good value bud) but with 14.8mm format, so I'd have a reference point how the driver sounds in a proper shell. I've only found Faaeal Z sound and some cheap noname buds.
  3. assassin10000
    The PK size 14.8mm drivers do not appear to be as plentiful and cheap as the more common mx500 size 15.4mm drivers.

    That said I contacted the Chitty store a couple days ago on Aliexpress to find out if they sold the driver for their well regarded diy sr2 16ohm pk earbud. They linked me to this driver:
  4. ezzony
  5. HungryPanda
    No fake, full earbud and Chitty's store is genuine
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  6. golov17
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  7. ezzony
    Oh - don't think I'd like that, glad you mentioned it. Maybe I should just buy the drivers and choose a cable elsewhere? I wouldn't be looking for super-duper cable if you could recommend one...
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2019
  8. robar
  9. HungryPanda
    I have used every one of those drivers and made good sounding earbuds. But if you buy them do not forget to buy tuning foams
  10. robar
    Thanks, do you remember their sound signatures? I mean dark bassy, smooth flat, bright punchy etc. I know this depends on a lot of things but basically I search for something brighter than Vido and smoother than RY4S drivers. I'd like to experiment with different shells and in my experience anything except mx500 shells tend to be really dark and soft with vido drivers.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
  11. subwoof3r
    Hiya everybody,
    As promised, here is the Black Edition of my yet best DIY reference
    I think I even prefer it like this, compared to silver :)

    Btw, this idea trots me since some weeks already, but since I'm now extremely satisfied with my best mod and DIY reference MX500 earbuds (especially since 130 ohm beryllium drivers), I'm thinking to make my own line-up (only very very limited batch will be available)
    Accomplishing this idea would be just a dream for me, as a real DIY enthusiast.
    Time will tell.. :)


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  12. Makahl
    I got a Vido after 6 months! Actually I thought it was lost somewhere. Brazilian post-office always surprising me how fast it is, lol.

    And you know... when you get a pair of Vidos your mind automatically says "recable it". But I thought this time if I play some old mods and retune it might it'll sound better.

    It's just a mix of VE ZEN 1 damping method (only 1 vent uncovered) and an old mod to increase sound-stage.

    I've started just removing the internal semicircular foam from the shell, and damping the driver itself instead. I did realize my tuning cotton-ish pieces get lost somewhere, then I've adapted it using 3M micropore stripes instead and adding it carefully using tweezers. The result:

    That was the handy part.

    The "wider sound-stage" mod is just covering the MX500 shell middle-hole with cotton, the original mod is using blu-tack but it tames the mids a bit too much for my taste. Cotton is just right IMO.

    And not it's playing incredible FUN!

    I liked that so much that I think I'll try the new DIY drivers. Such a fun thing DIYing earbuds!
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  13. subwoof3r
    Nice work! Vido's are probably one of the funniest earbuds to play with, since they are not glued, so drivers can be opened very easily for any kind of maintenance/DIY.
    I definitely need to grab red Vido's one day :D
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  14. robar
    Nice! How did you remove the tuning foam from the shell? I tried but it's very messy and leaves a lot of residue that seems impossible to remove. Btw my blue vido is tuned differently compared to white and it does use some glue to fix the driver to the shell because it has so much foam inside that it can't snap on well. :D
    Anyway, has anyone tried to upgrade Qian69 drivers? I really like the shell but not huge fan of the sound. I think a better driver would make it a killer earbud. (for example with something recommended here like carbon 32ohm) I heard that recabling is quite complicated though.
  15. subwoof3r
    Personally, I'm using those precision tweezers to gently remove the residues (takes me approx 10 minutes per drivers for a perfect work), beware to not let fall off the end of the tweezer into holes while cleaning! (otherwise you could damage your driver)
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