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DIY Earbuds

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  1. DBaldock9
    I've purchased a set of the same drives, but from DIY Earphone Tribe Store.
    They're in my earbuds parts bin, and I haven't installed them in any shells, yet.
    If the shells you put them in have the same tuning holes & dampening material as the original PK1 earbuds, then yours should sound pretty much the same.
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  2. HungryPanda
    They are pretty good drivers, I have made a couple of pairs with them
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  3. subwoof3r
    Yesterday was time to finally MMCX my Snow Lotus 1.0 :smile_phones:


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  4. hungphi93
    Thank you for the suggestion.
    Do you mean dampening for #1 or dampening for #2 (tuning holes)? I think for tuning holes is easy to find instead of #1. I've been built PK2 before with different kind of #1 materials, the dense type will give more bass :)

    Thank you so much! I've been ordered one pair and I still waiting for them :)
  5. DBaldock9
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  6. DBaldock9
    Well, both the driver dampening, and the shell dampening, should affect the sound of the earbuds.
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  7. hungphi93
    It would be a pleasure to ask you to propose some type of dampening :) Thank you
  8. HungryPanda
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  9. HungryPanda
    Good day all, I just got a hold of some 16mm drivers but I'm stumped as to which shells I could use

  10. DBaldock9
    Maybe 3D print some shells?
  11. HungryPanda
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  12. DBaldock9
    While I don't have a printer myself, there's a local CreatorSpace / Maker Group, that has 3D Printers - http://creatorspace.org/
    The local county library also has 3D Printers - http://www.hcpl.net/content/3d-printing
    For either one, I'd probably have to install some open source CAD / Design Software on my PC.

    Might be worth it, to check and see whether there's a Maker Group that's local to you.
    Or, check with Monoprice, to see about buying one of their inexpensive 3D Printers - https://www.monoprice.com/search/in...D Printers mand Accessories&TotalProducts=313
  13. HungryPanda
    I don't think I have room for one really
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  14. subwoof3r
    Dear Willsound MK2 ..sorry, it was your turn to get MMCX !! :)


  15. HungryPanda
    Looking great
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