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  1. knudsen
    He is playing with us :jecklinsmile: Looks to be a lot of trial/error if we can't find an image of the result..

    I agree on 8, though I've thought one could'nt see the hole in the horseshoe because of the blur/bookeh. But there also seems to be no hole in the driver in 8. So he might just purposely not show the results
  2. golov17
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  3. KookaBurrra
    Vido and Monk Plus recabled... First try, more easy do to that I think !! :ksc75smile:


    IMG_20170717_173042_669.jpg IMG_20170717_173012_685.jpg
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  4. Makahl
    Has someone else tried this mod with Vidos?

    I'd really love to see an FR graphic @slappypete if it's not asking much. :yum:
  5. slappypete
    I've been meaning to measure the Ozkan Mod for a while and have been procrastinating. This shoutout was the kick in the pants I needed haha :)

    So I measured the mod on just one channel of my Vido because the other channel is broken. I was impatient waiting for other Vido pairs to arrive in the mail so I used my main Vido drivers for a bunch of experimenting with the DIY Piano Forte I am working on. The drivers were in and out of various front covers and soldered to about a half dozen times at least. I eventually had a slip up and snapped a voice coil on one of the drivers. Anyway, point is I can't listen to this mod at the moment to give any subjective impressions for you. Here is the FR graph of the Ozkan mod:


    I plugged the two large middle holes just like Ozkan's photo. It doesn't look to improve anything on the Vido to me, but the change is pretty minor. I doubt this makes the Vido any more "refined" sounding, that's just my opinion and as I said, I haven't listened to it. I hope not to offend Ozkan by saying that, just voicing my skepticism. If it sounds good to you and makes you happier with your earbud then great, that is all that really matters anyway right.:)
  6. slappypete
    Just ordered some more tuning cotton and foam for mods and DIY builds. Links to the stuff I ordered here and here. The foam looks nicer than the stuff I have currently. It comes with adhesive applied already. I believe I already have this same cotton type here, but I should mention that not all tuning cotton is the same. I have two types. One is thinner than the other. They do measure differently. The stuff I linked to above looks to be the thicker variety. This stuff looks more like my thin stuff, but I can't say for sure obviously. In the product description for that last link the seller mentions 6 different thicknesses. You might be able to buy all six if you message them.
  7. Merlin-PT
    Comparing the wide of the gap on top of the horseshoe, looks like 2 holes will not be covered in the first one you posted, but it's also useful.
  8. DBaldock9
    I've already received the "Aipinchun 100pcs Diy Earphone Unit Tuning Cotton Dust-Proof with Self-Adhesive Glue for MX500" from that vendor, but I'm still waiting on drivers & shells I ordered from a different vendor.
    I've been in contact with the Yuming Store about something else (order was incomplete). They replied quickly that they're going to ship to rest of the order to me. Just asked about getting multiple thicknesses of the tuning cotton.
  9. Makahl
    Not kinda related to earbuds, but it's cool to see the Sennheiser team improved their acoustic material through the years on HD600:

    I've bought some variation of the cotton which isn't fuller like the default from VE on Asura/Zen 2 or old Baldoor E100, probably your link it's more alike than mine so thank you again!
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  10. slappypete
    It does look that way doesn't it. That would be strange though. I have seen some foam that wouldn't cover all of the driver holes, but that foam was meant to be glued to the shell rather than the driver. This stuff with the adhesive applied I would think is meant to be applied to the rear of the driver.

    Have you used your Aipinchun foam yet? If so, will it cover all of the driver vent holes, or is it too short as Merlin-PT suggested it may be? Also, please let us know what the seller says about different cotton thicknesses when you hear back. I am curious but didn't send a message yet. Thanks!

    @Makahl cool vid, thanks for sharing!
  11. headjelly
    Hey, is there a way to measure cables separately from measuring earbuds? I have several pairs of old Iriver buds and the cables are simply beautiful, they are thick and soft, so I am trying to use them with my other buds, but I swear that they make the sound much much worse. How can a cable even do that?
  12. rggz
    My progression on filters: Reusing filters coming from stock models > buying filters on Aliexpress > making a cotton arch > using coffee filters (Hario) and tea bags as filters w/ a glue stick to fit it on the plate.

    Actually, I don't listen to any night/day difference just using 1 layer but it's so funny trying new materials, also, it's easier adding new layers and I don't have to wait 2 months to the packages arrive in my mail. Win-win haha.
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  13. Merlin-PT
    I also look for physical differences when selecting a cable:
    - The electrical conductor material makes a difference in sound. To me this is the most important factor.
    Copper, silver plated copper, tin plated copper, etc. have different sound.
    Just look and try to see if it has copper, silver or tin color. If plated try to scratch a wire and try to see whats behind.
    I like pure copper.
    - More strands (many thinner wires), makes the wire more flexible.
    - A thicker overall wire diameter has less resistance and transports more current.
    - I prefer 2 independent ground wires all the way from each earphone to the jack.
    A cheaper option is 1 common ground wire from the Y splitter to the jack.
    I think maybe separated ground wires could improve channel separation and you can convert them to a balanced jack if you need.
    To understand how channel separation is important, try to use a filter in foobar and convert any stereo music to mono and see the difference.
    - I also prefer that each of the 4 conductors (Left,Ground,Right,Ground) is individual insulated.
    - Insulator is also important and I've read that teflon is good, but I buy what I can.
    - My budget is limited so I don't buy very expensive cables, I prefer to use the extra money in better drivers or source.
    - Good jacks (connectors) are important, but I don't have much experience here, because they are expensive, I try to select copper.
    - Good electrical solder connection is important, the solder spot must be bright/shining after soldering. Sometimes the wires are varnished, best way to remove the varnish is to put a lot of solder in the iron tip and put the wire tip inside the solder for a few seconds. It will melt the varnish. After this don't use that solder for soldering, just trash it.

    -> Make sure you respect each driver polarity, positive (+) and negative (-) driver connectors, when you solder the cable.
    Phase test (listen to stereo image):

    Maybe someone else can add something more.
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  14. slappypete
    It's cool if you personally feel you can hear a difference between cable conductors, we are all entitled to our opinion, and you can't prove a negative, but It certainly isn't a fact that different cable conductors impact sound quality. I don't know of anyone who has been able to prove they do using measurements or blind testing. If you know of some new research that I don't please let me know, I would be very interested.

    Driver polarity certainly needs to be respected, but only in the sense that you need to be consistent when choosing where to solder your positive and negative. You could for example solder your cable's positive to the driver's negative, and the cable's negative to the driver's positive. As long as you did the same for both channels, your headphone would be working in phase.
  15. Merlin-PT
    I tried this with full size speakers wires, not with earbuds, to me silver plated sounded brighter and more metallic than copper.
    All the different copper speaker cables I tried sounded the same to me (same diameter).
    I agree we should take people experience for what it is, personal opinion. I didn't look for scientific prof :)
    To you they sound the same? So I guess you also prefer the cheaper copper like me?
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