DIY Earbuds

  1. DBaldock9
    Thanks.  This morning, I used a bit more force with my fingernails, and was able to get the Rings to un-clip from the ridges on the Backshells.
    It appears that, on the Qian39, when looking at the back of the drivers, with the notch at the top -
    1.) Left driver has Red marking on the Left side
    2.) Right driver has Red marking on the Right side
    I've cut the 6-meter length of upgrade wire that I ordered, into four 1.5-meter pieces.
    Now, I need to braid/twist them into a new cable assembly, solder it to the drivers & one of the Ranko 2.5mm TRRS plugs, and reassemble the earbuds.
  2. vapman
    The 39 are some of the easiest to mod once you get the front cover off. Good luck with em!
    What cable are you using btw? Just curious, what material it is.
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  3. DBaldock9
  4. DBaldock9
    I've got the four wires soldered & secured in the Ranko 2.5mm TRRS plug.
    For those of you who braid / twist your own cable assemblies - How do you hold the connector securely, in order to get a good tight braid / twist, without damaging either the connector or the wires?
    Any suggestions would be helpful.  (NOTE:  I don't have a workbench with a vise in this Apartment...  [​IMG] )
    David Baldock
  5. DBaldock9
  6. golov17
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  7. DBaldock9
    Well, I've got the cable braided & twisted.  Decided to use some heatshrink (clear over red (right) and yellow (left)), rather than a solid splitter of some sort.
    I guess tomorrow, I'll work on inserting the wires into the Qian39 shells, and soldering them to the drivers.
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  8. DBaldock9
    Completed (and I added some thick Black / White VE foams, after the photo) -
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  9. DBaldock9
  10. noknok23
    IMG_20170329_231456.jpg my first mod ever lol. I was a bit distracted and forgot to put the jack protection first. Still I'm happy with the design. Aune m1s balanced output is ridiculously good.
    After this one i did the campfred. It's more clean
    edit: it's not, the sound on the campfred is actually in mono and a bit distant. I suspect i soldered the ground wire wrong. I ll fix this tomorrow. =_=
    Monk is working very well though.

    Ok it's fixed now. Dirty work again because conditions. But sounds is what i care most for now :relieved: IMG_20170330_142229.jpg

    Next step: i will recable qian 25. Maybe try out some mods. What do you guys suggest? Cotton
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  11. weedophile
    Finally back to home from my holiday in Vietnam! But to find the infection on my right ear to be worse than last week. So no bud or IEM for me for the next week or so [​IMG]
    On the bright side, probably can give my clip-ons some listening time and my headphone lol
  12. noknok23
    Hey guys, which cable do you get over Aliexpress ? Also does drivers sounds good out of the box or tuning is necessary?
  13. DBaldock9
    The first wire I ordered from AliExpress, is described a few posts above. It was a single-strand wire, so I cut it into 4 equal lengths, and braided them together.

    The second wire I ordered, arrived yesterday. It's a pre-twisted 4-strand wire, and I bought the Blue one -
    I'll be using it to rewire several different earbuds (Blue Qian25 & Blue Vido) - as well as making some balanced & un-balanced extensions & adapters.

    The third wire I've ordered, is still in transit (will probably be several weeks before it arrives). It's another OCC copper wire, pre-twisted, with 8 cores (strands) -
    I think I'll use it to modify/rewire my Beyerdynamic DT-831 Headphones (I've got some mini-XLR connectors ordered), and will probably make a balanced extension cable, as well.

    I haven't purchased any earbud drivers, to make DIY models from scratch, but I suspect you can modify their stock sound by using damping/tuning material in the earbud shell.
  14. headjelly
    Hey guys, are there recommended braiding and tuning manuals/instructions online? I figured out the soldering, so now I am trying to figure the tuning and braiding:))))
  15. DBaldock9
    I used this particular braid, for 4 wires -

    Haven't done any experiments with driver / housing tuning, yet.
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