DIY Cmoy/Hansen/JMT Kit
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Jun 25, 2001
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I've got too many projects on my bench!!

I put together all the parts you'll need (well, not *all* the parts) to build a fine amp.

All the parts are new - never used.

- All the resistors. Mil-Spec Vishay RN-55 1% metal film. This set of resistors will give you a gain of 11. ("Well, it's one louder, innit?")

- All the caps. (2) 470uF Elna Cerafine, (4) .1uF WIMA MKP4, (2) .22uF WIMA MKP4, (1) .022uF WIMA MKP4, and (1) .047uF WIMA MKP4.
NOTE! The 470uF Elna Cerafines are already mounted on the board which may preclude using a small case. If you want to build a small portable this may not work for you.

- Brand new, unsoldered circuit board. (except for the Cerafines, see above)

- 4 Pole, 3 Position rotary switch (crossfeed)

- 50K Audio taper Dual potentiometer (Alpha)

- (1) red T-1 3/4 LED

- (1) holder for said LED

- (2) IC sockets with gold plated machined contacts

- (2) dual opamps of your choice (as long as your choice is either OPA2134PA or OPA2228P 'cause that's all I have right now)

The only things you'll need are a power switch, jacks, battery clip, knobs, and an enclosure, all of which can be obtained from Radio Shack.

Price with OPA2134PA's is $33 + $3.50 shipping (USA - other countries may be more $)
Price with OPA2228P's is $45 + $3.50 shipping (USA - other countries may be more $)

NOTE! These parts will build a Cmoy/Hansen/JMT amp with 2 crossfeed settings (+no crossfeed). If you want to build a CHA47 you don't need all the caps and you'll have to buy some resistors when you go to the Shack.


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