DIY Cables- high quality components needed

  1. srREXed
    Hey there all. I am looking to put a few cables and adapters together. I’d like to know where I could source some good quality components to put some of these together. What I’d like is some great quality occ or upocc wire, balanced 2.5mm and 4.4mm connectors as well as other basic components so I could start doing this. SRH1540 mmcx connectors, 2.5mm Sennheiser twisty balanced connectors, etc. I have been all over Ebay and amazon. I know exactly what to stay away from and chose not to waste my money on all the fake silver cable and horribly manufactured connectors and such from all those little china and Hong Kong vendors. I need some good, professional sources inside the United States so I can get good quality components without waiting for a month to get them. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. srREXed
    Does anyone have a source for hardware to use in making cables? I solder with silver.... and I also would like to make my next couple of cables since people charge way too much money for an audio cable and I’m cheap.
  3. srREXed
    So there is no sources out there for up-occ and occ strands so I can buy some parts...?
  4. cantsleep Contributor
    Check diy forum

    You can start from dhc wires and parts or partconnexion
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  5. Thunder240
    I used Canare L-4E6S with Canare nickel plated connectors for a headphone extension cable, parts purchased from markertek. I’ve been been happy with the result.

    Another cable that comes up a lot is Mogami W2893, but I have no experience with it and can’t comment. I believe its also available from markertek.

    I’ve used Switchcraft gold plated RCA connectors for interconnects and am happy with the result.
  6. Whitigir
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