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  1. musicfan145
    Can anyone recommend a nice 3.5mm TRRS plug that is easy to solder?

    I’ve just ordered the new iFi Nano BL with balanced output, but I don’t have a cable. Fortunately, both of my DIY cables are four conductor, but unfortunately, my soldering hand is like Gene Wilder in Blazing Saddles. I’m a little intimidated by having to get four joints right in such a small space!
  2. rikk009
    Nice. Can you include the links?
  3. Sinarca
    Hi, I' m not a DIY man :frowning2:.
    I need an OTG cable with this connectors: Micro usb B ending in male usb type B
    Lenght 1.5 mt.
    Do you know how can I find it ?
  4. Paladin79
  5. Sinarca
    Yes, cheked eBay but I have found only people selling short cables, sic..
    I need the opposite
  6. Paladin79
    good luck in your search, my people can build a lot of different cables but nothing like that. Those are all asian built as far as I know and if they are not on Ebay you may not find them.
  7. Sinarca
    Perhaps, here a possible trick
  8. afonsoocosta
    Hi guys, i'm thinking on make two cables and i want to coil one, so i'm thinking on get this:

    5M or 15ft of Mogami 2893 or something like this, the problem is I can't find any mogami 2893 in Europe, so i need help on getting the cable.

    And this plugs :

    And like 15ft of paracord 550

    And the objective is plug the cables to this

    Thanks in advance
  9. demevalos
    I found a link to mogami in the UK, hopefully they ship to Portugal

    The plugs all look okay, although I wouldn't use the first one listed there, the part that you need to solder looks tiny any very difficult, I would use the 2nd and 3rd links

    And 550 paracord is good if you want to do one straight cable, but get 275 if you want to braid.

    Yes, the cable will fit into that jack.
  10. afonsoocosta
    Yes, they ship to portugal, but they charge 25$ on shipping, way to expensive, but I will try to get someone to send it to me.

    I really want to try to do the braided one, but I don't understand how to do it, because the cable is 4 cables, I need to separate the one cable in 4 and put Paracord individually?

  11. demevalos
    Okay, so you're going to want at least 10 meters of 275 (2.38mm) paracord.


    If you look at this picture, there are 4 wires inside the whole thing. You are only going to need 3 of them. So basically what you do is cut the cable to the length you want it to be, carefully cut off the whole sheathing (rubber outside part), and take out all four of the wires (black, blue, white, and red in the picture). They will be all twisted together with some paper, string, and bare copper wire in there also, just untwist everything and throw out everything that isn't the four colored wires. Then, cut 3 lengths of the 275 paracord that are slightly longer than your colored wires. There will be string in them, just take all of that out, you don't need it. The next step is probably the hardest part, but it just takes some patience. You'll need to thread 1 piece of colored wire through each 1 piece of paracord, the easiest way I found to do this is to push the wire in as far as you can, then just start inching the paracord down like a worm. Do this for all 3 colored wires, so you'll have 3 pieces of paracord total with 1 wire in each. Let me know when you get to this point and we'll keep going from there.

    Also, I forgot to mention you'll probably want some heatshrink for this, I'll paste a link to what I bought for this that has been very useful in my soldering adventures, but you won't really need this much.
  12. Oscar-HiFi
    Van Damme is excellent cable and easier to source in the EU as they are a UK based company, they do a great minature starquad cable that I use a lot. The inner cores are a mixture of silver plated and OFC copper
  13. demevalos
    That's interesting, why do they use 2 cables twisted for one connection? and what awg is each individual cable?
  14. afonsoocosta
    I think I will get that, get like 10 fot of it and try to do the thing right

    @demevalos on this cable I have to separate them in 4 like the mogami right?

    And thanks for the help
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