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  1. Paladin79
    I will just address the silver and copper usage combination. Silver is a slightly better conductor than copper (or even gold) but I would be amazed if you could hear or measure a difference if you used say 24 awg silver and the same gauge copper all other things being equal. If you use solid silver of 24 awg it is going to conduct better than stranded silver of the same gauge because you would have air gaps between conductors; the higher the strand count the less gaps. When you add both reasons together, I would personally use a 22 or 23 awg copper with the 24 awg solid silver. It does make sense to use pure silver, the silver plated copper is just wrong if you if you know or learn anything about skin effect. I personally prefer copper over silver and so say the people I have used for audio testing. (about 60 to date).
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  2. Allanmarcus
    Thanks! Since I have some extra mogomi wire, I think I will try a three strand braid to each connector. 2 x 26 AWG to the - and 1 x 24 AWG solid silver to the +.
  3. afonsoocosta
    how much will cost a custom cable +-? just to have a ideia because i want to try to do one, but don't want to spend to much money just to try to do one.
  4. Paladin79
    The answer is 42.

    But seriously they can cost anywhere from $5 to $500 depending on materials used. Be more specific like a six foot headphone cable for Sennheiser HD- 650's and one of the fine folks here can give you an intelligent answer. A custom cable can be two RCA connectors and some coaxial cable or two 3.5 mm male connectors and some two wire shielded cable. Many common headphone cables, cost can be $25-$50. Go with 8 strand OCC silver wire of a decent wire gauge and you can be talking big bucks.
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  5. afonsoocosta
    Maybe will be a 3.5mm cable to plug to a modded DT 770 pro, so it's a simple cable 3.5mm with like 6 foot. But I don't have any clue about connectors and cable to buy
  6. Paladin79
    Where are you located? if you are in the US I could probably send you a few things to try out or you can look at Allanmarcus's fine list of venders.
  7. demevalos
    this cable has 4 strands of 26g wire in it, and it is very thin. Buy about 10 feet of it

    Also buy about 50 feet of this paracord, in any color you like, if you like that kind of look

    I've found that these connectors are really easy to use and look nice, but it's $9 a pair

    you could also browse redco for other connectors, i like this one myself

    Do you know how to solder? You'll also need a soldering gun

    Edit: sorry i originally linked to a mono neutrik, fixed the link
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  8. Paladin79
    Very fine detailed answer. I generally recommend soldering stations over soldering guns but each to his or her own.
  9. demevalos
  10. afonsoocosta
    @Paladin79 I'm from portugal, what is a bit of a problem since sometimes shipping costs is more expensive than the product.
    @demevalos I think I will do it like the 275 because I like the braided, but in that case I have to split the cable in 2 right? Just 2 little cables going into the 275 Paracord?
    Yes I know to sold, not much, but I think it's enough.
    Thanks for the help guys
  11. Paladin79
    I learned a long time ago to ask country of origin, especially when I offer to send samples, it saves listing sources that the person might or might not be able to use.:smile_phones:
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  12. kingkikapu
    All you braiding masters: do you know the type of braid used on the Norne Draug cables? I think I want to DIY the hell outta that :)
  13. demevalos
    @kingkikapu sorry that's way over my head haha, those are some nice looking cables though

    @afonsoocosta so there will be 3 wires total for an aux cord (left, right, and ground), we will want to put each wire in its own piece of 275 paracord. I'm not sure about audio stores in europe that sell mogami or star quad, I'm sure there are people in this thread that would know more than I.
  14. afonsoocosta
    Yes is also my question, whero to buy the material in the europe. so what i need is like 20 feet of cable and paracord to make a 6 feet cable, and what type of cable i need? and 2 connectors right?
  15. Guerito
    Paracord Planet is based in the Netherlands I think and is good value with quick shipping.

    I’ve found Van Damme starquad to be more easily available in Europe than Mogami, which I had to order from the US. The Van Damme was more flexible than the Mogami when stripped down to individual wires, surprisingly. You can get Canare from Canford in the UK and probably other places.
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