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DIY Cable Gallery!!

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  1. audiofreakie
    on project to create custom iem cable from pure silver solid core wire 28 awg.
    can some one tell me how to insulate/wrap a solid core wire like litz technology?
    what can I use to insulate/wrap a solid core wire?
  2. Phos
    I imagine you would need to somehow dip the individual strands but in what I wouldn't tell you.  
    @FraGGler: mini to XLR, I can't help but find that amusing, though I imagine people have had to use one of those somewhere along the line.
  3. cogsand gears
    There these ones: http://www.lunashops.com/goods.php?id=1981 but with the anodise sanded off the barrel. I believe that Toxic Cables stock these too now, so you can email Frank for info. There pretty good connectors IMO. But, these took 40 days from Lunashops to the UK....
  4. Toxic Cables
    Thanks Luke, i do stock most IEM connectors now, including CIEM, TF10, IE8/80, Shure and so on. I will have these listed in my ebay shop in the next few days, i also plan to list wires with overmoulded, clear CIEM connectors attached.
    I also have 2 different, very nice custom made HD800 connectors on the way, one will accept cables up to 5mm in diameter, and the other will be of the standard size.
    DSC_0543.jpg DSC_0545.jpg
  5. Saintkeat
    Very nice, what's the strain relief like? More durable than an over mould?

    I've been using the Chinese connectors and encasing it in epoxy. Pretty durable, break downs still happen though, I blame the weather.
  6. FraGGleR
    It's actually a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter, but funny enough another Headfier PM'd me about a mini to XLR based on the picture too. 
  7. Raguvian
    Does anyone have any good suggestions for squishy, soft, flexible wire? Material doesn't matter as I just want to make a 3.5 to 3.5 for my car so I wouldn't hear any audio quality differences between cables. Something thin so I could make a braided wire would be nice as well. Thanks!
  8. FraGGleR
    Squishy?  Not sure I can help on squishy, but any finely stranded wire in polyethylene should be soft and flexible.  I am a big fan of Doublehelixcables Nucleotide, which can be had relatively cheaply right now since he is running a DIY special.  If you can find some wire in silicone, even better.  I have some silver-plated copper in silicone that is ridiculously soft and limp.  Must have over a hundred super fine strands.  Was made for robotics from what I understand and has to withstand constant flexing.  Cooner Wire sells it and can even do a small batch of 25 feet I believe.  Very expensive, though.  I think it was something like $6-7 a foot.  Really nice wire though.  Stay away from Teflon.  Even the nicest, custom teflon wire I have seen is still stiff compared to other dialectrics.
  9. cogsand gears
    Strain relief is only a little clear shrink tube over each wire where its soldered to the pin, then over both together, between the wires, and the aluminium housing on the connector. Not even got any glue in there. So far I have had no trouble with the 3 IEM cables ive made using this method. I cant really comment on how it compares to overmoulded, as I havent really used any for any length of time.
    I used to use those ones with the clear plastic pin holder. These are better quality IMO. You must have some pretty severe weather to break down epoxy!
  10. Raguvian
    Great, thanks a lot! Unfortunately all of the wire I order seems to be teflon coated or silver stranded which means they are very stiff or brittle. I'll check out the Nucleotide and perhaps even replace some of the silver cables in my headphones with the softer stuff.
  11. Saintkeat
    90% humidity and 36 degree Celsius heat. Top it off I use my wire while cycling and whatever I'm doing. Sweat coupled with the environment just aren't wire friendly. I've had copper wired corroded on the inside. I have no clue how that happened.
  12. FraGGleR
    Almost any copper in a clear dialectric, will show outside oxidation (turn green).  It should not have a noticeable impact on the sound, just the looks.  This is particularly true for IEM cables.  I have had one cable out of the dozens I have made do this, and it was an IEM cable.  No others have done it yet.  
  13. Saintkeat
    Check my work, I know what I'm talking about.
    The corrosion wasn't oxidization. It was brown like rust. There was sound degradation, in fact, it was so bad, my multimeter was having trouble finding consistent continuity.
  14. FraGGleR
    Wasn't saying you didn't know what you are talking about.  Just pointing out that even in less extreme conditions, some oxidation can occur.  And not just in DIY cables.  Stock Shure and Westone cables with clear pvc or whatever they use have been known to oxidize.  Shure claims no sound differences.  I saw your cable and that is the most extreme oxidation I have seen.  Brown is really interesting.  Not sure what that could be.  Probably exacerbated like you said by your extreme climate.  I just want people just starting out not to freak out if their copper turns a little green over time.
  15. .Sup
    my two HE-6 copper cables oxidised. I too cannot hear any difference in sound after oxidation
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