DIY Cable Gallery!!

  1. Klots
    Simple cable for HD800. Cable is Mogami 2893.

  2. VortexBlast
    Custom cable for my HE-500. Using 4x Mogami W2549 (a 22AWG cable, I know it's overkill) wires measuring 3 meters. Sleeved using Paracord 550 Tan colour and terminated using a Furutech FP-704 1/4" jack. Viablue splitter at the joint wrapped in carbon fibre look vinyl wrap.
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  3. Fasterball
    damn nice work!
  4. ofilippov
    Just braided my first glamour pinkish cable for HD6XX that didn't come yet)

    1) 2 meters of 0.19mm2 (<24AWG) Gotham cable. Just see the amount of copper to be thrown away! I guess won't do it again))
    2) 2 chinese HD650 plugs. Cardas went to balanced cable
    3) 2 meters of paracord. Didn't put it on eventually, it seemed too tight
    4) 1 Neutrik xx series plug
    5) Several precious hours of life :ksc75smile:
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  5. r1sh
    hi guys! I want to change cable of my ad700's cause my cat fell in love with it))) For now I shorted it and soldered It "as is".

    I need advice about choosing cable and jack:

    1. Should I use 4-core or 2-core cable?
    2. Should I change jack or leave old one?
    3. I can buy paracord and cable on Ali or on Ali cable has low quality?
  6. ofilippov
    1. It may be 4-core wire or 3-core in your case. Better use 4-core. Left+, Left Ground, Right+, Right Ground.
    2. You may use whatever jack you want. If you want to buy new jack - check Amphenol or Neutrik, preferably golden plated.
    3. I advice you against buing cables on Ali. Paracord - yes, or at your local shop.

    Regarding the cable - I'd buy this one. I bet it would be more than enough. It also has nice soft coating so you don't have to use paracord and it's quite flexible. I own one, it's good.
    It's a little tricky to buy, they don't seem to have descent e-shop. But you click on link on the page, state in email what cable and length you want, and delivery details. Then they send you paypal inquiry. You pay - they send the cable. Really nice guys out there. And check the site - they have stores in different locations, it may be convenient depending on where you are.

    Or you may buy some Mogami or Canare cable. Some starquad microfone cable, take all insulation away, make braiding, like at my post above. But I wouldn't bother in your situation.
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  7. r1sh
    great, thank you for reply

    If I take 4-core or 3-core cables, where should I solder Left Ground and Right Ground?

    I found in my country Gotham AG cables with only theese postitions:

    But I found many Mogami or Canare cables)

    I'm thinking about making such mod: but lumberg jack has 3 contacts, how should I solder it?
  8. ofilippov
    I guess, you could find the answer in that topic, but anyway, if you look at the picture (the last one on the 1st page of the mod thread, I hope it's a picture of your headphones :ksc75smile:), you can see that main cable has three wires of three different colors. Then commutation goes to the right headphone cup with two wires. Black is shared Left and Right Ground (or - in other words). Red is supposed to go to the Right+. Green is the Left+.

    That plug that you hmm... plug in to the amplifier is TRS type of connector (see the image). TRS stands for Tip Ring Sleeve. Tip is used for Left+, Ring is used for Right+ and Sleeve is used for shared ground (that means that if you use 4 wires in your cable both left and right ground are soldered to the Sleeve part of connector). Lumberg jack has same structure but in the form of a jack rather then plug. You can guess which contact is which by using deduction :wink:

    If you still have questions, feel free to ask.
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  9. Jerda
    Hi everyone :)
    I want to plug my he400i to the Q1mkII so I need a 2.5 balanced cable!
    Someone has suggested me this one, but I don't know if trust the manufacturer:
    Someone has suggested to go on the DIY route but in a second moment, after discovering I need a 2.5mm balanced plug, suggested to find someone that could do it in my city because it's a very difficult plug to solder.
    Personally I got no soldering skills right now and I should buy the hardware to do it, but I'm not so scared to do it.... what you say? buy that chinese one or buy the hardware just for one cable? :sweat:
  10. ofilippov
    I don't really trust Chinese brands unless I have any criteria to judge the product. Only thing I can say about the cable you mentioned is that the price is not quite reassuring. But it will work)

    The DIY may take a lot more time and money than you initially thought. I'll go that way only if you enjoy it. I burned one set of connectors when I tried to remember how to solder, had to buy the second soldering iron, because the cheapo didn't work with Cardas solder, etc.:ksc75smile: But it's not hard when you have some practice and all needed materials.
  11. Jerda
    I don't know how much you are saying, butif I'm gonna go that route i will spend I think 100 bucks: 10bucks for 10 connectors, 60 for a gud soldering iron, a desoldering pump, etcetc....cable dont cost anything.
    So not a too hard thing to accomplish?
  12. ofilippov
    Don't forget the tester and you'll be fine :)
  13. Muinarc
    Finally finished some shorties for my EL stack.

    20171123_115203.jpg 20171123_115947.jpg
  14. funch
    Cool. The colors are just in time for Christmas.

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