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Sep 11, 2005

I have been away from the headphone community for a few years and decide to return.
I once owned an Antique Sound Lab 1st version MGhead and a Consonance Cyber 2A3 SE amp/headphone amp (This one was good, much better than the MGhead but is now not operating). Haven't heard better amp.

I have a HD600, a DT880, a ER4s. I want to equip myself a really good headphone amp, hopefully better than the Cyber 30. I have no problem in asssembling DIY kits or building from PCB/parts.

May I ask if it is better to buy an off-the-shelf headphone amp (e.g. Little Dot) or DIY a good headphone amp with the same budget. I am in Hong Kong and should be able to buy the little dot in China at good price.

As I have been away from this community, I have no idea on which is the good amps with good price -performance ratio. I love tube sound but have no objection to SS amps. Maybe Hybrid is the way to go?? My budget ranges from 200 to 500. The amps in ideas are

Off the shelf:
Little Dot MKVI or VII?

Dynahi (or Dynalo don't know the difference in sound quality)
CTH (note that kit is available, love the tube roll features)
Millitte Hybird Max (note that there is a kit version)
M3 (kit)
Beta22 (Kit)

I am leaning towar the Dynahi (maybe go for the Dynalo for easier construction if the difference in sound qualityis minimal) or the Millitte Hybrid Max

Note that the above DIY amps ranging from USD200 to USD400 depending on configuratio and parts. will they sound better than higher price commercial amps?

It seems that my question is not quite focused but want to get some advices/opinion on whether to go DIY or a commercial amp.




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