DIY 101 recommendations?
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Sep 22, 2002
I've been reading the web for months. I'm going to start with a Gilmore class A amp. But I still need to find a good 101 level site. I've never messed with electronics before.

Don't really know what I should do to 'hand match resistors' [I'm guessing, but I probably shouldn't]. Know what caps look like and that they hold a charge, but not how to test if they're charged and how to relieve them, or if they have other special handling requirements. That's the sort of basics I need.

Do know how to solder, do know to be careful. I've learned things from scratch all my life and have kept my fingers, but I'm just now getting around to electronics proper.

Got a couple of good 101 links for that?
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KG amp is a pretty high level amp to build. You need to know a little about how transistors work as well so you can check bias points etc. And, power supply fundamentals. I guess you need to study up a bit. Shouldn't take too long though.

I recommend a power supply booklet from Radio Shack. It has informations on capacitors and power supply designs. For learning circuit fundamentals, again RadioShack booklet on circuit components and fundamentals. It should contain some stuffs about transistors. (Yeah, I got all the radioshack circuit booklets!! Only 2 bucks or so!)

If you feel eager, you could pick up a textbook.

Get a multimeter and learn how to measure voltage (AC and DC).

That's all. Rest is all up to your patience, time, and money. I think

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I'll second Tomo's recommendation. Kevin is a very good designer, but he designs complex amps...

Start off with a Cmoy (or a META42, if you're ambitious) and then try your hand at the Gilmore.
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What a ^&*(#$% is that? It looks like a torture device from medieval times. You know, Iron Maiden's sister.

But it doesn't even phase me, because I am all too powerful. In fact, I electricuted myself by pluging a capacitor into outlet. (Never touch charged high voltage caps without discharging.)

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