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Diving into the IEM market unaided.

  1. Arfan
    Hey guys, I've been looking to get myself my first pair of IEM's and I've been doing a lot of research and found 2 pairs of IEM's that have drawn my attention although judging from the reviews I've seen and their pro's and con's I can't seem to decide between them:
    The IEM's in question are as follows;
    Westone UM1's ( also can someone tell me difference between the Westone UM1 and the Westone 1 TrueFit, seems quite similiar to me)
    Shure SE215's
    I'm sure you all know what they look like but the pictures are just a reference for me really. 
    Now the problem I've ran into is that every pair of earphones I've ever had in my life have died on me one way or the other no matter how much or how little care I take of them, I'm pretty sure the cause is cable cracking, now seeing as I'm spending around the £100 mark that is simple not acceptable. 
    This is where the 215's both come on top and also show their first flaw in my book, they have detachable cables which mean that I'll be able to replace the cable should they crack. Since I'm new to all this I have no expierence with how likely they are to crack and so I want to be as weary as possible however the 215's I've heard from a friend also fall foul to the fact that the cable when turned 180 degrees will cut out which is just as unacceptable.
    To put it simple I'd like to know from your colllective years of expierence which would be better for me? Here is some info which will hopefully make my plunge into IEM's a little more comfortable.
    I'll probably be taking these earphones with me where I go so they'll be on my person 80% of the time, I always carry a pair of earphones as I find myself in long journeys on the bus often. 
    The music I listen to is extremely varied, DubStep to Heavy metal and everything in between. I'd like something which isn't going to fail me in the lows or the highs(I guess the 215 wins again due to the dynamic driver which have fuller bass however I'm concerned about it being well controlled or not).
    If you could take your time to help me I'd be incredibly thankful. :)
    Also are my concerns about cable cracking misplaced at this sort of level?
  2. Ikelmonster
  3. Arfan
  4. Arfan
    However there is no mention of the Shure brand in that thread and especially concerning since they one of the 3 big brangs in IEM's and also the one I'm leaning toward.
  5. Ikelmonster
    uhhh...maybe you should look again, the shure se215 is certainly in that thread
  6. Arfan
    Oh gawd, nevermind my mistake, for some reason when I Ctrl+F'd for Shure Se 215 it didn't turn up, my bad. And thanks for the help again!
  7. alv4426
    if you are getting the westones buy now on amazon they have great prices today... just bought W2 for $150 new. I think W1 is $80
  8. Arfan
    thanks mark.

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