Divine Audio or Audio Affair stores
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Nov 25, 2008
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Just ordered some cables from Divine Audio last week. They are already shipped and should arrive early next week. Everything has gone fine for now.
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Originally Posted by Patu /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Just ordered some cables from Divine Audio last week. They are already shipped and should arrive early next week. Everything has gone fine for now.

How was shipping price? How much weight?
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Originally Posted by Bullseye /img/forum/go_quote.gif
How was shipping price? How much weight?

Shipping was very cheap. £7 from UK to Finland. It probably goes by weight. Check their website for more information.
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Wow, that is very nice!

Found this (should have looked


All items 1Kg and under in weight will cost the following amounts.

Standard UK Delivery: FREE
European Union Delivery : £7.00
Worldwide Delivery : £10.00

And the amp is: Boxed Weight: 1 Kg That is great!

Let's see if other people have bought from either these companies and give some impressions.
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I have used both these stores in the past.

They have both delivered what they promised, but Audio Affair's customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

So going on that basis I personally would go with Divine Audio.
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I forgot to mention that I changed some e-mails with Divine Audio's customer service and they always replied in 24 hours. I'd rate that as a good customer service.
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Cheers guys!

Guess I will call Divine Audio for some information on shipping.
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Originally Posted by Bullseye /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Hi Head-fiers,

I want to buy an amplifier from one of those two stores. The price is the same in both (shipping don't know in which one it is cheaper).

Hi Fi - Amplifiers - Headphone Amplifiers - Musical Fidelity V-Can Headphone Amplifier - Divine Audio Ltd

Audio Affair - Musical Fidelity VCAN Headphone Amplifier

Have any of you guys bought from any of these stores? Which one do you recommend?

Anyone else who has bought the V-can cheaper shipping to Europe?

Looking for some info



Just a little post to share my own experience with Audio affair.
  1. 17th of April, I ordered a Slimdevice Transporter from the website : price was good and it was said usually dispached within 24h (and does still say that on the website)
  2. 1st of may, 1st mail to get news. The answer is : we are waiting for the delivery within the next 2 days, it will then be dispatched.
  3. 15th of may, 2nd mail because nothing arrived. The answer was : sorry for the delay, the distributaor has recently changed, the stock should arrive next week.
  4. 26th of may, 3rd mail because the Transporter was not yet delivered : No answer from Audio affair
  5. 2nd of June, 1st phone call to Audio Affair. The answer was : there is a delay but we don't have an idea of when it would come, more than a week.
  6. 15th of June, 2nd phone call. Same answer as the first one, Audio Affair propose to cancel the order and refund.
  7. 29th of June, 3rd phone call : I get in touch with Audio affair and confirm them that I cancel the order and want a refund. A mail was sent straight after to Alex (no answer received
  8. 3rd of July, 4th phone call because I did not receive my money back : the answer is the order is canceled and the transaction is done.
  9. 13th of July : the money is not on my Bank account and I'm now looking with my Bank how to force Audio affair to refund me

To conclude, my personnal experience with Audio Affair is : "If you don't want to waste your time and stress about your money, you should order from an other company".

I hope Alex will read that and will speed up the refund process.

I never bought from Divine Audio Ltd.

Xavier Nicolas
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Hmm seems you sure had a bad experience xavier, so much as to be your first post

Well, hope you get your money back, and things point out more to Divine Audio (mainly also due to shipping price).
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My package from Divine Audio arrived today. Everything is in good condition and they shipped the package quickly. Recommended.
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Just a little message to say that I was refunded by Audio Affair on Saturday.

Thank you for that, Alex - it's just sad that a few posts on forums were needed to make it happen...
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Hubble, thanks for the info, however I won't be buying from them.

Well, I am having some security issues buying from divine audio. They have this addthis.com bar that screws the SSL protection up. Have sent them some mails and they are working on it; they already gave a solution to one thing

Meanwhile I have found another site that ships one of the products I am interested in (even if I have not made up my mind yet), and it is hifiheadphones.co.uk. What do you guys think about it?
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Hi Guys,

Chris from Divine Audio here. I've amended the security issue that cropped up when I added the "addthis" social bookmarking tool.

I have since removed it, and the site is 100% secure.

I'd like to thank Bullseye for the tip on the security issue, it's always good to have some feedback

If anyone has any queries regarding anything on the site or any orders, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Chris Russell
Divine Audio


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