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DITA "The Answer"

  1. Joe-Siow
    Hi guys, had the pleasure of meeting Danny and his crew at Mooks Singapore over the weekend.
    Took the opportunity to try the DITA with The Truth cable.
    I'm in no way affiliated to the guys at DITA Audio, and I'm sharing this impression simply coz I'm very impressed with this IEM after I demoed it.
    I've got to say that it was a pretty positive experience overall, and that this is an IEM that scales fantastically to various sources.
    I demoed it twice over 3 days; the first on Friday, when Mooks first opened, and again today.
    DITA is an IEM that grows on me.
    When I first tried it on Friday with my HM-901, it was already clear that this IEM had certain potential.
    And when I tried it again today, I enjoyed it more than I did than on Friday.
    Bass on DITA with The Truth cable is tight, with good impact, punch and excellent texture.
    Wonderful thing here is that the bass is never excessive, and never once did it bleed into the mid range.
    Mid range is full sounding with a good blend of PRaT and clarity.
    Treble is pretty extended; though open sounding, it lacks that bit of sparkle for me.
    Soundstage is wonderfully wide and deep, and is a personal favourite part of this IEM.
    Imaging is precise and separation is quite good.
    Fit is pretty good, and isolation could be better, though I might be nit picking as I'm a CIEM user.
    Overall, sound quality is very good, and a particular treat for me is how coherent it sounded across the frequency.
    All in all, DITA with The Truth cable could be a winner for many people.
    It certainly captured my attention, and in all honestly, I'm pretty tempted to open my wallet.
    Hope this short impression is helpful to someone out there.
  2. gerard14ph
    Totally agree with this. In a competition dominated by multi-drivers, and hybrids, this is actually one of the top contenders.  And to think that this is a single dynamic driver IEM really blows me away.  
    In a short chat with Danny (one of the founders of DITA) regarding the FR, he said it goes well below 20 and goes over 20.  Though I still have to see an FR chart with that, but it really sounded that way.  Now I'm just wondering to what Jerry Harvey said that the Roxanne  is the only IEM right now to reach over 20 Khz.  So far there's the ASG-2 and now the 'The Answer'.
  3. Joe-Siow
    I wouldn't compare DITA with ASG-2. Personally, DITA is a much better IEM for me, based on the genres I listen to.
    No offence to anyone.
  4. gerard14ph
  5. k3oxkjo
    Unless, of course, the connector fails (which they can and do), then the removable cable is the source of your problems... [​IMG]
  6. gerard14ph
  7. ExpatinJapan
    Brief before the holidays review. more to follow.
  8. good sound
    Any official release date on these IEM's? Will they be available in North America?
  9. zenpunk
    I got curious and was closed to order a pair but thankfully checked first their shipping & delivery policy and got quite concerned as it looks they would refuse any responsibility if anything happened to the package:
    All lost, stolen, damaged or mis-delivered packages shipped will not be refunded under any circumstances.
    All Shipping Costs are Completely Non-Refundable!
  10. jollybob
    I've been trying to contact the folks at DITA (via their website) and I get no response. I see from other threads similar experiences - in some cases after orders are placed and no response.
    Are the DITA folks still alive and kicking? Are The Answer (Truth or standard) IEMs still shipping? Are folks having problems with contact or receiving shipments or getting refunds (if shipments don't happen)?
    I'm very interested in these IEMs and posed a question to Danny but didn't hear anything - I have only waited one day though so am not really concerned. Yet.
    My question - if anyone knows the answer - do these IEMs have very low leakage? i.e. can folks nearby hear what's being listened to assuming reasonably loud but not headbanger volume levels? This is important as I'd like to be able to listen in bed while my wife is sleeping - or at least on the couch while she's reading, but if she can easily hear a tinny version of what I'm hearing then it's a non-starter for me. If by chance these IEMs do have lots of leakage, are there other IEMs that are at a similar level (Westone, Shure, JH, etc.) that don't have any significant leakage?
  11. ExpatinJapan
    maybe wait more than one day?, and take into account different timezones.

    I see you have also posted in the active DITA thread where DITA posts. That will be helpful as they are more likely to see that post.
  12. jollybob
    Thanks! I posted a reply to you on that thread too! I appreciate your quick response and useful information! I am really excited about these IEMs and am feeling at this point that these are my next IEMs (also considering some highend Westone, JH, Shure, etc.) models - but these somehow "speak" to me in terms of what I've read about them. It's good to hear they're low leakage.
  13. christrz

    Haha I think a DITA is very much alive and kicking! My friend just met Danny yesterday when he brought some of the DITA stock into a local shop - heard he's a nice guy.

    And nope these have no leakage! They isolate well, but not as well as my Shures or Westones, but they definitely don't leak/let in sound significantly.
  14. Music King
    Dita Answer (Truth Edition) is very good, when I was at the end of last year through special channels to buy, I would like the headphones, I can't believe the real voice is so close to me. I have SONY PCM-D1 and Tera playerfront end, through the test, the collocation of D1 is more suitable for Dita potential.
  15. gerard14ph
    If you're in Singapore,you can find the Dita team at Music by Design in Adelphi Lifestyle Mall.

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