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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. rockfan4ever
    Custom Eartips for Dita The Truth short review:

    IMG_6807.jpg IMG_6808.jpg 32281371_1947902845222323_7775908744604418048_n.jpg IMG_6811.jpg

    I came across a start-up specialized about CIEM in Hanoi (Vietnam) and they can do custom eartips so I gave it a try. I never tried CIEM before but those tips fit perfectly and there s no discomfort after long listening session.They can still fit when I chew, but when I lie down there seem to be some slight reduction in bass. The only downside is that it requires some patience to took the tips out of the housing but I dont think I will take them out too often. Isolation is very good too.

    Here comes the important part:

    -Initial sound impression with normal tips:
    Previously I used the Spinfit Dual blade and the sound was amazing: Slightly V shape with high level of details. The mids are thin and dry with some emphasize on upper mids. Bass is plentiful when needed with both mid and sub bass, highs are sparkling (sometimes can be slightly too bright).
    - With the Custom Tips:
    First thing I notice is that the mids are now thicker, with the presence of lower mids, upper mids are smoother, too. Next, the hights are seems to lose some energy but still enough to sound energetic.
    Bass is the confusing part, from what I can hear, the the custom tips slightly reduce the impact of the mid bass and also sub bass is only around 80% of the spinfit tips. Luckily, I never find the bass to be lacking in any songs. The biggest improvements must be the soundstage, seperation and level of details. With the Custom Eartips, the soundstage is on par with open-back headphones with more width than height. They sounds close to the HD 650s with the Schiit Fula combo that I tried few weeks ago.There's no improvements in the height of the sound. Sometimes, the vocal is overwhelmed by the instrumental.

    In short, with the Custom Tips, the Truth does not sound V shape anymore, they sound really organic and enjoyable. Since I asked the guy and he said that The Ditas cannot reshell, the custom tips should be the biggest upgrade available. Highly recommended for the Truth owners.

    Gear used: Ibasso Dx90 with Oppa Ha2
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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  2. eddyheadphone
    I decided to delete my earlier comments
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  3. SiGiE
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  4. myap2328
    Seems like after the release of the new dual flagships, the following behind the Answer and Truth died down quite a bit. Their new flagships are way out of my range so recently copped a pair of Truths...

    Now thinking of a source and amp to pair them with!
  5. rockfan4ever
    Totally Agree. My Dita Truth is just out of warrant and there right piece is almost silent. I contact them and they do not offer any repair at all. Instead they say they will exchange to a new pair and I need to pay 500$. I feel cheated. 1000$ and last for 1 year. What a joke! Bye bye this brand.
    Don't buy any of their product guys
  6. WCDchee
    I love how people just expect companies to continue to service the product indefinitely, even out of the warranty period, for free.
  7. rockfan4ever
    I never expect to get a free new pair, but at least a repair option. I can see sometimes premium price does not come with premium service
  8. audionewbi
    Offering a new unit at half price isn’t bad. I get you are annoyed but could be worst. I got a 1500 aud headphone dead in box from a manufacturer much bigger than Dita. My T5p died and Beyerdynamic couldn’t care less.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
  9. Dobrescu George
    I think that the deal isn't quite that bad. Not the best deal out there, but still, you can see it as an opportunity, you can keep your unit, maybe fix it locally, and also get a new one at half the price :)

    Then you can keep yours as a spare in case anything goes wrong again :)

    If the one sold at half the price comes with warranty, then things may work out nicely (?)
  10. ExpatinJapan
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2018
  11. emusic13
    So happy. Found a new pair of Answer for about $250. Got my relative to buy a new Awesome Truth as well which was ~$530. Im trying to settle on tips though. The stock dont do much for me and it feels as if the Ditas are hard to drive as well.
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  12. audionewbi
    For me, Truth is their best IEM to date, followed by Project 31. Man my dita truth took a beating and a half and still works. Sadly I lost my Dita Dream and I'm sad, but just like Dita fidelity, I could never get a good fit.
    I hope they never replace Dita Truth, I got two of them just in case.
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