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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. Malcuso

    I'll try to answer from my experience. The t8ie mk 2 is newer where the Dita Truth has been around for a couple of seasons now. I think there is some initial excitement about the t8ie mk 2 because the original had some issues (cable and build if I remember correctly). I have auctioned the 1st gen t8ie a couple of times and really liked the sound (very detailed and similar to Beyer's Tesla on ears specifically the DT 1350 & T51p) but felt the form factor has on the small side and I was not able to get a good seal.
    I've only recently become a convert to the Dita Truth Answer which replaced my CA Jupiter. The Answer requires a little more time tip rolling but over all it is an amazing sounding iem despite not being the newest or latest iem on the market. I'm sure once the Dream is released you will see more activity here as some revisit the Truth.
  2. sonickarma
    Early Dita Balanced used a different connector which was not a tight fit resulting in cut outs, I had to send mine to be replaced by a later edition.
  3. jollybob
    I can say from lots of experience with tip rolling that I love the sound of the Dita Truth but I could never get a tip that sealed well. So when I listen, I constantly have to fiddle with the ear tips. Very annoying. I have been considering getting an after market custom ear piece to use with the Ditas... This might just be the only solution that can work for me. I have friends who have the exact same experience with the Ditas. The problem is they don't go in far enough... Perhaps the Dita folks will resolve this - hopefully with some sort of "extension piece" (although this might change the sound too much) or some other solution.
  4. anderinnsk
    Sonickarma thanks! I will know that earphones it is better to buy only new.
  5. anderinnsk
    Malcuso, in Russia little Dita owners. Those who listened to them in passing say that Dita muffled bass. Owners Dita praise. And I just really like their appearance and cable, if there were any extra money - bought just to enjoy aesthetically.
  6. Julienstanford
    The nozzle part of my earphone has become loose and is no longer attached to the rest of the body. I tried going to DITA's website but the contact us page takes me to an error 404 page. Does anyone know DITA's support email address? Also does anyone know if DITA offers repair support for out of warranty products?
  7. ExpatinJapan
    Try contacting them via their facebook page
  8. musiclvr
  9. musiclvr
    ^^^^^A superb pairing!!! Presents with the the right balance of speed and weight in tonality.
  10. all999
    Hi guys!
      Just recieved my Answer (non truth) earphones from a fellow head-fier. After couple hours of listening, tip rolling and changing my sources I find them to be overly bright. Upper midrange and highs are exagerrated, on most of my music these are harsh and getting sibilants. My sources are Onkyo DP-X1, Merididian Explorer 2 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Other gear to compare - MDR-EX1000, Flare Audio R2S and JVC HA-FX850.
    I'm not trebble sensitive but these are making me hurt. Am I supposed to be worried about my unit?
  11. WCDchee

    They can be on poorly recorded tracks. Which tips are you using?

    That said you shouldn't find them bright coming from an ex1000
  12. all999
    I've tried all stocks plus Spiral Dots and some other silicones I own. Brightness is one thing, but even worst is metallic and unnatural highs.
    I find EX1000 to be a well balanced earphones and now Ditas are way more bright and harsh.
    I'm trying some good recorded tracks from my library and from Tidal Masters too.
    And another question to You guys. Do You get a suction feeling when You put yours in or out? Like there is no air flow through earphone, but there is a bass reflex. Do You get a suction or driver flex?
  13. lookingforIEMs

    Either your ex1000s have a warm cable attached / they are massively clogged ( the filters ), or your ditas are the truth not the answer.

    Ex1000s are significantly brighter than the answers.

    On the other hand, you might want to try and burn them in. That might help.
  14. all999

    I have a stock cable for my EX1000 and filters are clear, I had another one from my friend and they sounded the same. So my EX1000 are stock and clear. My Ditas are well burned, they are more than one year old.



    I have tried Comply foams tips and I'm starting all from the beginning :)
  15. lookingforIEMs

    That is weird then... maybe you're sensitive to a specific treble peak of the answers that isn't present in the ex1000... as I gather the general concensus that the ex1000 is brighter...

    Anyhow, hope the comply tips do you well
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