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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. Ditti

    As stated by "Angelo898", the cable is the only difference between the two models.  The reason for this is because we are very pleased with our collaboration with VDH and the Truth cable is specifically tuned to maximise the design of the earphones.
  2. audionewbi
    Just placed my order, hopefully it will arrive by the end of the week. After 100 hours I will be comparing this closely with my other two dynamic based IEM. If things go really well I might compare it with my other two favourite gears (CK100PRO and FAD VI).
    Meanwhile if anyone has any recommendation on what source and amp I should test the IEM with let me know.
  3. audionewbi
    Just got the truth, the first impression one natural sounding IEM. Fit is perfect, the cable is a little stiff but with a clip no problem. 

    Will let it burn in but pairs great with C4. Great sub-bass with no overwhelming mid-bass and yes no treble peak, yes!
    Truth is I feel that in the world of balance armature it might struggle, people no longer value natural sounding gears as they should. Alright I will let it burn in and report in slowly as I go along the burning in track but paired with C4 there is nothing obviously wrong with its balance. Perhaps I like a more lusher mids but than lusher mids would make it more of a vocal IEM than across genera IEM.
    In summary it clearly feels like a better unit than IE800 fit wise and soundwise. I will compare it with EX-1000 soon but EX-1000 sound wider. Dita audio booklet suggest that the larger tips will open up the sound and the smaller one will provide a more detailed sound, I will check on that later.
  4. audionewbi
    I am happy to report percussion based music is excellent with Dita. Bests all my non-dynamic IEM in bass quality, quantity and texture. It is better than IE800 as in the quantity is less but the quality is the same on IE800. EX-1000 sounds wider but the quantity is not enough therefore it reduces on the experience and therefore what it makes up for the wider sound to my ear losses on quantity.
    I carried this test using AK120 without anyamping. I am still playing around with the dita, I am not sure what to include in my detailed review, I am still thinking about it. So many factors to include. I think incremental update is perhaps better as we all tend to hear new things the more time we spend with a gear. 
  5. ExpatinJapan
    Yes, it is a hard IEM to write about because it isnt bass heavy, nor lacking in that department, its not mid centric, but does possess great mids, neither is it a treble monster but hits the sweet spot.

    It is not obvious in what it is or what it does.... But it does it very well. The sound is very balanced and full.

    Obviously a lot of thought has gone into the final product.
  6. hebrewbacon
    I got a pair (the "Truth" edition - cute names) last week from Danny in Singapore and have put in about 50 hours of listening.
    -My reference point is a pair of Klipsch X10s while on-the-go and a vintage pair of STAX Lambda Pros paired with the SRM-1MK2.
    -Two caveats: I've never owned a DAC/amp better than a NuForce UDAC2, so you can take my opinions with that grain of salt; also, I'm now invested in these IEMs and want to love them.
    -Listening-wise, I prefer a rich, clear/natural and mostly neutral sound but fast and with a wide sound-stage with good separation/imaging.  Basically, I love the STAX sound but could do with a slightly fuller bass compared to what the old Lambda Pros offer.
    -For listening, I've been using a Google Nexus 5 with Google All Access music downloaded in high-quality - I believe 320kbps MP3
    But on to first impressions.  These are, in a word, amazing.  I tried these first right after listening to a STAX 4170 and found myself really impressed with what they can do across genres.  Listening to jazz, all the instruments sounded real, from the warmth of a sax to the pluck of the bass and the timbre of the piano.  With classical, the warmth of woodwinds and whine of the strings was perfect to my ears, just like being at a concert.  Electronic and even dubsteb (had to give that a shot!) had all the speed and dynamics necessary to sound exciting, with plenty of punch to the bass without being over-the-top and maintaining the clarity to separate vocals and synths.  Pop has nice depth and clarity, and the detail there is really incredible.  A surprising find was that rap/hip-hop is fantastic; these really remind me of STAX when it comes to speed and the clear reproduction of vocals; they have all the presentation of a person actually speaking in your head.
    While I didn't get the STAX experience of being at a jazz club when I close my eyes (I think largely because of the isolation vs. open back design), the sound-stage is still very wide with the same detail if not more -- I actually found myself hearing a few things that I didn't remember before from my Lambd Pros.  There's a richness to these that's very pleasant, with no area of the spectrum overly accentuated or muddy.  Plus they seem to be accommodating of a relatively low-end source -- my Google Nexus 5, unamped -- so that's great for the lazy.  I'm still trying to figure out if I notice weaknesses -- perhaps the mids are a bit recessed, so just a tad v-shaped?  And while the bass is full and tight, it's not boomy at all, which I find a relief.  The sound wasn't fatiguing, although in terms of listening, I did find these to get uncomfortable after about 5 hours of use.  On the plus side, they blocked the noise out of a 24 hour flight from Singapore to NYC enough that I could still appreciate the detail on my tracks, so no complaints there.  And they felt good enough that I was still wearing them when I deplaned at JFK.
    Construction is great, as they feel rock-solid and durable.  They're comfortable with a quite customizable fit. I'm hoping that with more use my ears get acclimated to them so there's no soreness after full-day listening sessions.  Also, it's a nice bunch of accessories, though with the thick and stiff "Truth" cable I do find it a bit hard to fit these in their case.  The leather case in particular seems too small for the big cable, and given the attention to detail on little things (e.g. the window for the silver cable, the raised dot on the left-side IEM to recognize it in the dark), it would've been great if there was some sort of clever cable auto-winding system built into the case.
    Quibbles aside, I'm extremely pleased with these - they've taken the clarity of the Klipsch X10s and boosted it across the full sound spectrum with much improved clarity, richness and isolation.  To me, these are in-ear STAX, and I'd love to try them with a really high-quality DAC/amp just to know how much more I can get out of them.
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  7. audionewbi
    Out of all my IEM the slum and reverb of Dita audio is the most natural sounding, only issue is on the complex orchastera the sound becomes congested, but that is sadly common across all my dynamic IEM. The way the bass decays makes the reverbation natural in a sense that one would get from the sound of a drum reflects on a live stage. 
    I am very pleased with this particular nature of the truth edition, really enjoying it and it is the best I have heard in my current collection. 
  8. lookingforIEMs
    To reiterate what I said in a local forum, these match darn well with any music I threw at it. I even suspected that these have an internal computer somewhere in the iem because with every music genre, they adapted and sounded different. Superbly done and what more, a local Singaporean talent. Well done, well done indeed.
  9. Ditti
    One of our goals was to ensure that the slam and decay of a drum beat sounds as close as possible to the real thing.  When you stand next to a marching band at a parade, it's clear that the bass always has slam and attack. 
  10. ExpatinJapan

    I like the Dita Facebook pic posted today. Kewl!
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  11. audionewbi
    After many amp testing the best amp that I have in my position that brings the excellent balance between bass, treble and dynamic without coloring the sound is meir audio quick step. The vocal becomes incredibly crisp, few people have complained that it not intimate enough, if you want to fix that issue pair it with quick step. The bass on dita is already natural that pairing with more warm and dynamic and smooth amp like 627x is just over doing it and the sound becomes boring soon.
    I am using the internal battery and the high gain. For source I use colorfly C4 which is great on its own but I find the amp section too powerful with Dita. 
    Also on a more embarrassing note I just realised that dita has a chin guard, it is designed so perfectly that it never crossed my mind that is a chin guard. I was complaining on why they did not include a chin guard and I made my own, I just pulled on the plastic that I thought was a strain relief thinking why they included such a large strain relief and realised it is infact a chin guard that acts as a strain relief when not in use!
    With the above setup dita truth edition can easily out class both IE800 and EX-1000, so sadly it is a unit that will shine best with an amp. 
    Some might wish for few more db sub-bass but that is personal preference. 
  12. ExpatinJapan
    Review of the DITA on Headfonia
  13. ExpatinJapan
    And price updates.
    Via Dita.
    `I'd also like to inform you about a price increase on both the models.  This will likely take place once the Fujiya Avic exclusive expires in May.  Currently, it is fixed for 1st May 2014.
    The Answer: From USD499.00 to USD600.00
    The Answer (Truth Edition): From USD799.00 to USD900.00`
  14. audionewbi
    I believe that is only for japan, the prices should not change for rest of the world.

    Edit: I have been told that the prices will increase as mentioned above with the exception of Japan.
  15. audionewbi
    Honeymoon period has ended, noticing certain difference with different gears which is not what I thought they are few weeks ago. This means I am finally listening with a critical ear, time to start writing my reviews.
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