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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. WCDchee
    I personally find the IE to have an overly V shaped frequency response. The tonal balance of the ditas were much better suited to my preferences. Compared to the k3003s, the sound was more open, slightly mellower and more comfortable sounding in the mids, less boomy and overall more natural sounding to me :)
  2. cn11
    I ruled out the IE800 based on reports of treble spittiness, and V sound sig... And the K3003 I've heard and liked my SE846 and FA-4E better. Then recently I got to compare someone's Answer to the SE846 and that sealed my choice to try out the Truth. 
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  3. cn11
    I received the IEM yesterday... I like the all black packaging, with printing being a shiny finish on the matte of the box and paper. The build quality is fantastic with its machined aluminum housing. I have no doubt this will be a durable IEM. I would worry about the cable at the point it enters the earphone body because the molded entry is not flexible, but the VDH cable seems very durable thankfully so hopefully won't be an issue. 
    I settled on the large size tip with the medium bore. Having done some listening, the initial sound is almost overwhelming with its waves of detail. Not in a bad way! It's just astonishing how it conveys layers upon layers of detail with a huge sense of space. Listening to Beck's new album Morning Phase, his voice reverberates in the recording space and you can feel the volume of the area he's in! Bass is nice and deep yet controlled, with awesome definition, pitch, and detail. 
    SE846 compared to the Dita Truth:
    > congested, blurred details (confused sounding)
    > claustrophobic sense of space... way more narrow and closed in sounding
    > sometimes male vocal tones sound just off in tone, sort of honky/nasally (which is weird as I had never noticed that until comparing to the gorgeous natural tone of the D.T.)
    > treble less extended even with the white treble filter
    > bass reaching about as low, but sounds one-note by comparison (much less character or distinction in types of drum sounds)
    So, this far, I am highly impressed. Negatives to me are difficulty in maintaining fit- even with the best fitting tip working its sonic magic, the right side keeps slipping back out of my ear and I have to readjust often. The cable is quite, stiff and springy and a little microphonic. The sound can be a touch biting in the low treble and high mids. I'm hoping this tames down with some burn in time. 
    I look forward to this earphone evolving with some run in time. Good beginning so far!
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  4. WCDchee
    I'm glad you're enjoying it! When I compared it to the se846 I had the exact same sentiments. I believe currawong did mention something about reshaping the wire with a hairdryer. And yes the peakiness in the treble does smoothen out with time. However, the truth version seems to be very sensitive to poorly recorded tracks, revealing any harshness very easily
  5. Idsynchrono_24

    Glad I could cure you of your 846-itis. Now... I know there's another character watching this thread who love, love, LOVES his precious Shure. I know his finger has been oh, so precariously close to hittin that BUY button. Will the outright proselytizing of one of Shure's biggest fans finally cause him to crumble like a house of cards? :wink:
  6. audionewbi
    Glad to see more love for Dita and ofcourse now that you have heard it good luck getting it out of your head .
    For me it has lifted the bar for me to a level that I no longer have any more urges to upgrade my IEM line. I have been sober on my IEM purchases ever since I've got it.
    As I said before my aim is to built my setup around it and ofcourse eager to see more the various setup people have for their Dita earphones. 
  7. caracara08
    I'm really curious about fit though :/
  8. Noobmachine
    Welcome to the the Dita Club! :D They do seem a little harsh in the upper mids(sibilance) and lower treble, but curently at about 300 hours or so of burn-in, I feel these have quite settled in, and I am loving them even more now :) Sibilance free, and a tighter more impactful bass (just a touch) really rounds out the sound signature for me, nothing but thanks to the DITA team for creating such a spectacular product!
    Not just the truth version, the Answer make me cringe at some of my poorer quality recordings; on some songs the mids are just muffled and covered by layers of poor sound editing and recording, and on my high quality stuff the mids are as clear and pronounced as ever, crystal clear and detailed.
  9. Noobmachine
    I would love to hear more of your portable amp recommendations, I too am starting to look into building a "DITA" specific set up, might want to get my hands on the Analogue Square Paper Amps(TU-05) to pair with the DITA, I've tried them once before with a pair of FAD H6's and the combo was AMAZING.
    I happen to have ears that fit these wonderfully, and as such I can sleep with these lying sideways and the sound isn't even affected :D
  10. caracara08
    This is pretty much what I am looking for but it seems some with medium to smaller canals have issues and I think I fit into that catagory.
  11. cn11
    I bet that proverbial house of cards is definitely doomed now!
  12. Shini44
    wow people you make me want to order now!! still waiting for 1Plus2 Treble VS this one, else i can't pull the trigger :<  
    yet audionewbi is comparing it to TH900, TH900 is my favorite of all the times!!! i love the Treble there <3  A LOT!!! 
  13. christrz

    The upper mids do get tamed after a few days, don't worry! Welcome to the club!
  14. ExpatinJapan
    I met the DITA guys today in Tokyo, happy and cheerful as ever.
    Great to chat with them about the DITA and up and coming ideas and possible products.
    Also tried out a trial balanced version of DITA with the AK240.
    Great stuff.
  15. audionewbi
    Any chance of you sharing some of their upcoming product ideas beside the balance connection for AK240? 

    Also thank you so much for the photos. 
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