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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. Currawong Contributor
    That's an interesting question actually. I was comparing my iPhone 5 to the FiiO X5 with various BA IEMs and didn't notice a lot of difference, if any, mainly that the X5 sounds a bit warmer. However using the DITAs, I found the X5 drives them better, with music from the iPhone sounding more confused. I wonder if that has anything to do with them having a dynamic driver.
  2. audionewbi
    Comparing the IE800 I noticed IE800 seem to be less fussy (if that is the right world) and I honestly cannot detect a major improvement on its sounds regardless on different setup I have but with dita I tend to like it paired with something like HUGO or ODAC+O2, when I pair the Dita with portaphile 627x the sound becomes really warm and some might say bloated. 
    It is interesting as I do not notice that happening with IE800. This made me wonder how much I can push Dita to get the best out of them as it is about the only IEM I have that I notice to have its sound altered at times alot based on the amp I have it connected to.
    I know they use the Invicta as their preferred source/amp but I would imagine very few gear that will not sound good when paired with such a wonderful all in one source unit. 
  3. UnityIsPower

    How good is your vision? Eye color? I might be interested in a pair of eyes. :3

  4. akarise
    It's great that you don't feel like the mids are behind. Recessed mids always suck the enjoyment of listening right out of me :frowning2:
    Would you say that the DITA has an even more beautiful midrange compared to the Heaven VI? Do you think the DITA has enough treble sparkle? I don't like a dark sound so treble sparkle is pretty important to me.
    So the soundstage on the DITA is actually smaller than on the Heaven VI? Could you compare width, depth, and height of the soundstages? Less air is also a bit worrisome as I feel like sometimes I could use slightly more air in my Heaven V. How do they compare in clarity, detail, and imaging? Btw, I'm only considering getting The Answer and not The Truth, the extra $300 doesn't seem worth it for just a nicer cable.
    Do you find yourself constantly switching tips when listening to different music? I don't want to have to deal with tip rolling just for different music, I'm way too lazy for that haha [​IMG] Btw, does Fujiya Avic not accept credit cards? I was thinking that if I was going to buy The Answer, I would order from them and ship it to the states via Tenso.
    Thanks for everyone's responses!
  5. WCDchee
    I believe the non truth version would work better for you as it has a more mellow sound due to a slightly more pronounced midrange. As for the airiness, I feel that the ditas have just the right amount when the music calls for it. The airiness is more natural sounding than the heaven's. Soundstage wise i think they are rather comparable, but the heaven's might give a slight impression of a larger soundstage due to the sound signature. Bear in mind though that i only did a quick comparison so i'm not 100% sure. For clarity, detail, imaging and just about anything else, the ditas are way ahead. Not even close to me. The ditas play right at the top with the best IMO. Im fact I personally prefer the answer to the truth version. But you should try them both to get an idea :)
  6. cn11
    I have a pair inbound... Hopefully here no later than Thursday. Heard Idsynchrono's Dita Answer yesterday, and was impressed to the point I ordered the Truth version once home.
  7. caracara08
    Congrats. May I ask, why you chose to go with the Truth version?
  8. cn11
    I chose the Truth version because one, I'm crazy, and two I was told by Idsynchrono that it's been observed they have a touch better extension on both ends as well as being a little more airy and open sounding. I like those qualities, even if the gains are on the minimal side.  [​IMG]
  9. Idsynchrono_24

    I almost hate myself for WANTING differences to exist in the Truth version simply cause if the actual stock sound improves beyond what I'm currently hearing, welp... Sayonara Answer I guess :l
  10. Currawong Contributor
    They do.
    They have a second-hand pair listed on the left (this is a search link): http://www.fujiya-avic.jp/products/list.php?search.x=0&search.y=0&name=dita
    The right-hand items without pictures are their second-hand buy prices.
  11. shsh
    I can't say if it's more beautiful because they are different. Dita sound will slowly grow into you. It has a very clean and sweet mid range.
    It is definitely not a dark sounding IEM.
    Sorry I don't know the terms well.
  12. akarise
    It's great to hear that the regular version would be better for me, don't have to wonder about the nice cable anymore haha. You mean mellow relative to The Truth only though right? Not mellow in general, because I perfer an energetic engaging sound more than laid back and mellow. I think I might really get myself a pair, you're being quite persuasive...
    Could I get a brief comparison of the sound signature with your PHVI when they arrive? It would be really helpful for me to pinpoint its balance in the frequencies.
    Oh great thanks! Too bad their site has no English version, gonna have to rely on Google translate to get this order through lol.
    No problem, thanks for trying haha. And that's good news about the mids.
  13. WCDchee
    Yep I mean compared to the truth version. It is very engaging so no worries there :)
  14. shigzeo Contributor
    Um... bling bling comes from Dita Audio for the Fujiya Avic Spring Festival. That, and a nice Van Den Hul interconnect. More information here.
  15. Sherlockaled
    Hi, may I ask why did you choose the Dita Truth over AKG K3003 or IE800? Im assuming they are at the same level (given the price tag).
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