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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. Sauntere
    Yes, finding the perfect tip is difficult. When i use the narrow bore tips voices are a bit more forward in the mix but loose just a little clarity. When i use larger bore tips voices fall back quite a lot but they gain in clarity. It is an interesting process. I hope i find that happy medium to get the very best out of them.
  2. WCDchee
    I like the large bore tips because everything sounds more energetic with them :)
  3. noxa
    Been keeping a bit of money aside waiting for something that really takes my fancy, been on the fence about the IE800 for a long while, now looks like the answer maybe The Answer!
  4. WCDchee
    The IE800s are too peaky and mid recessed to me :) also, i heard that the fit isn't for everyone. They also lose out on isolation and the eartips are proprietary and get loose after removing them a few times. Perhaps you can tell us about the kind of sound and music you like and we can try to help!
  5. audionewbi
    Isolation on the ie800 is not that bad, it is that the cable and fit is the problem causing part. The cable is too short to have the play in your pants pocket. 
  6. Winno
    Just wondering if someone would kindly measure the diameter of the plug for me?

    I need to know if it'll fit through the cut out in the Cleave bumper I have on my iphone5.

    Thanks kindly in advance.
  7. soundblast75
    No comparison with the 800,go for Dita every time
  8. Shini44
    can anyone compare the Treble of 1Plus2 with these? which one extend more? i tend to love the "fun" element when it comes to the Treble, i love TH600/900 , had UM Mentor too, i also love the warm mids but the Treble comes first.
  9. akarise
    Remember seeing mentions of DITA The Answer months ago and then forgot about them until Currawong's video showed up on my Youtube subscription feed. (Great video btw!) I absolutely love my FAD Heaven V and had no thought of looking for an upgrade but The Answer is definitely intriguing to say the least, so I ended up reading the whole thread. I noticed a few of the DITA owners have experienced/owned the Heaven V or VI and was wondering if any of you could give me a more detailed comparison?
    I'm a mids-lover but still want great clarity and realism throughout the entire sound spectrum. Soundstage, imaging, detail, speed, and coherency are also really important to me. I prefer my bass to be tight, punchy, with good impact and speed. I need a good amount of sparkle in the highs as well. What kinda scares me off a little from thinking about getting myself a pair of The Answer are the mentions of a recessed mid range. Vocals, esp. female vocals, and guitars are some of my favorite things to listen to so the mid range absolutely cannot be pushed behind. The Heaven V has the most beautiful mid range I've ever heard (out of any IEM or full-sized can) so if the DITA can match or surpass them in this regard then I can seriously consider purchasing it.
    Thanks in advance!
  10. christrz

    I haven't heard the FADs, but I can say right out that the guitars sound amazing and I listen to lots it acoustic tracks. They definitely aren't behind.

    Vocals are not as forward as the Shures, or even the re400, but it's not recessed. More like in line with other instruments? The result is that the positioning of the singer relative to the instruments seems realistic. But they definitely aren't forward.
  11. shsh
    Dita surpass Heaven 6 in nearly everything.
    Heaven 6 wins in the shimmering highs and the sounds of the horn instruments.
    Heaven 6 is more forward than the Dita.
    Other than that, Dita win in all other aspects, bringing them to a different level.
  12. WCDchee
    The heaven series is no where near the ditas. Not in the extension, detail, clarity and cleaness of the sound. Perhaps the soundstage and airiness of the heaven 6s might be better, but its definitely not a match otherwise. Unless if course you prefer the tone of the vocals and the mids on the heavens. But the moment you feed it a song which requires a large frequency range to fully cover, you'll realise it lacks body and punch and extension on the low end, and the high end isnt as clean. Like the others have said, while the vocals are forward like some other models on the ditas, they are definitely not recessed. And they're very natural sounding indeed. You'll grow to love them :)
  13. Sauntere
    Yes, that is exactly what has happened to me. The more i have had them in my ears the more i appreciate the great timbre they have. Everything is "natural" and balanced to me now. They handle everything from Electro House to Sixties Folk Rock to Jazz and Classical. In the last few days my Noble 4s have hardly been in my ears and as time goes by i don't see that changing. Not saying the Nobles aren't good or anything because they are but the Answer seem to do everything just right.
    boleh7 likes this.
  14. Currawong Contributor
    About the mids, depending on the tips, the bass or treble can be a bit too strong, at least that is what I found with my ears. It doesn't mean the mids are distant like with a pair of TH900s, for example. I probably used a bad description in the video.
  15. audionewbi
    ^is there a chance you can comment on how it pairs with different DAP and how it scales with desktop amp?
    I've noticed the sound tend to change alot depending on my source, it made me wonder how it will sound with a proper desktop set up. 
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