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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. christrz
    Just saying guys, I'm enjoying these immensely out of an iPhone 5. Convenient, and amazing sound :)
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  2. audiofrk

    thanks for the great reply :) Organic sounds exactly like what I want.
    I'm going to be changing my portable audio set up soon and was trying to see what would be the best way to upgrade I would like to stay with IEMs due to there portability factor but some of the stuff that people are saying about "recessed" mids kind of spooked me.  I listen to many genres of music and for some (most) the dita sounds perfect but I do listen to a lot of rock, and was a guitarist at one point, so the performance  with rock is very important for me.  Also I posted earlier that I am switching source to a pono some time in the near future and am worried about the high impedence it has (5 ohms) so I was thinking of getting a geek wave (early geek out reviews are overly positive) and keeping which ever one i like better with IEMs. So I wanted to know which IEM complemented (sonically) the Dita to test my future set up.
    Currently using a zune hd with WMA lossless and iphone 4s with 320 AAC rips of my redbook level flac library but converting formats is annoying and I'm kind of over it, thus my quest to change sources.  All in all I guess I'm just cautious to upgrade my pfe 121 and source due to the fact that it will be costy.
  3. audiofrk

    how do the se846 compare to the ditas (and which version do you have)?
  4. soundblast75
    Bassier,a bit more clarity more forward sounding, i like them a lot, tho i hated the 535's.
    Dita's are unique and i couldn't recommend them high enough.
    I have the Truth
  5. WCDchee


    Perhaps you could help him here :)
  6. giantstereo

    Im currently in my 100hrs mark with the truth on my X5. Im listening to Muse 2nd Law and Radiohead King of Limbs both in 24bit flac. I also have deep purple pink floyd led zeppelin in my collection.

    If you've been following this thread, it's true. U can plug in these babies ans just throw yourself back and enjoy the music. But it can also be analytical if you want too. Now all those bad rips are making me going to HDTracks more often.
  7. Currawong Contributor
    My video unboxing/review is up.

  8. ExpatinJapan
    lazy linky please (on mobile in the inaka).
  9. Idsynchrono_24

  10. ExpatinJapan
    Thanks :)
  11. Currawong Contributor
    I just realised that neither pair of IEMs had been added to the Head Gear section. They are now here if people want to add them to their lists:
  12. ExpatinJapan
    Great video thanks.
  13. christrz
    I owned the se846 for a time before going to the DITAs. I'd even call it an upgrade!
    For me the differences were as follows:
    Bass - SE846 reaches lower and is much more emphasised. Detail is impressive on the 846, but because it is elevated and boomy, some of it is masked. This is in contrast to the DITAs which are milder on the bass, do not reach as low, but sound incredibly real and detailed. I love the sound of live drums on the DITAs. Also, much less fatigue.
    Mids - 846 are more prominent in terms of vocals. The singer is almost right in front of you and the vocals are incredibly smooth. The DITAs have a slightly more backwards mids, and are not as smooth. Instead, it is textured and you can feel the kind of voice the signer has. If it is slightly raspy for instance, this might be masked by the smoothness of the 846 but not by the DITAs. In that sense, the DITAs are more revealing. Guitar tracks sound incredible on both IEMs, but the DITA takes it for me because of it's overall very realistic presentation. (The 846 emphasised bass makes guitars sound fabulous, but not as real).
    Highs - The 846 have rolled off highs, which resulted in less 'airiness' to the sound. This makes for a more intimate presentation and a more fatigue free listen. The DITAs are still incredibly coherent in the highs and the air is still present. In terms of cymbal crashes, the laid back highs on the 846 will ensure you never hear sibilance. The DITAs on the other hand are slightly harsh out of the box and on certain tracks you may detect sibilance. But I've found this to lessen dramatically after a few days of listening. 
    Overall presentation - 
    The 846 appealed to me because of their special ability to layer music. The way vocals were presented up front while the rest of the music was layered all around. The general presentation was intimate with an average to small soundstage (Vocals make it seem small, instruments make it seem average). The reduced airiness of the sound contributed to the impression of intimacy. The signature on the 846 is surely mid and bass centric, making hip hop tracks immensely enjoyable but also fatiguing. Detail was good, but less than the DITAs.
    The DITAs appeal to me for their realism in the sound. It's really incredible how live recorded tracks sound with these. The soundstage is impressive. This is due to the greater sense of airiness, slightly backwards vocals and the impressive imaging by the DITAs. And I love my soundstage! I can't really say they have a specific signature, but I guess coherency would be the best way to describe their frequency response. It's just impressive all around and nothing is done badly - in fact everything is done rather excellently. The only gripe i had with these was the slight harshness in the beginning, but I'm glad that has largely gone away!
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  14. shigzeo Contributor
    @christrz: great impressions: originally I felt the SE846 to be veiled and boomy, but then I changed tips. The biggest problem with narrow sound tube earphones is that sound completely changes depending on the tip. Of course, every earphone exhibits sound shift when seated differently or when a different tip is attached, but the SE846 has a special problem, partly because of its awful cable, partly because most ear tips will block portions of the sound tube and drastically shift the sound. With the right tips, the SE846 is neither boomy nor veiled. They are airy but not overly sparkly with gobs of detail in the lows and highs.
    Both the Dita and the SE846 are absolute favourites. 
  15. soundblast75

    I agree with your last sentence, but the rest is a perfect example how people hear things differently.
    I had given up in the past on Shures ,has always been a pain with tips (Ditas are worse by far in that respect by the way), but i found the 846 to be a completelly different beast, no probs here, also ,super clear, never found them vailed, don't get what peeps are on about.
    Have ordered a Ted Allen Lintz cable tho:blush:
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