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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. audionewbi
    Just finished comparing it against T5p, it is certainly better than T5p. 
  2. ExpatinJapan
    Lets see some of your DITA rig photos.
  3. shsh
    Pardon my lousy photography skills
    Messy cables
  4. audionewbi
    How does it sound? Are you liking it?
  5. shsh
    Yes liking it alot. Rarely touching my Kaede and Heaven 6.
    I hope Ocharaku Donguri will surprise me when it arrives.
    Currently using HP-A4 > Dita
  6. audionewbi
    I am hoping to give it ago when it is released here in less than a fortnight, ZX-1 seems like a great deal. Not liking my AK120 at all. I was hoping to use it as a digital source and that failed too, I might give the ZX-1 a go. 
  7. shigzeo Contributor
    The ZX-1 is a great player, but not one that bears a high-quality output. Both it and the F880 have serious problems from both the HPO and the LO that render their output lower quality than current iPods and certainly unable to attain 24-bit level obviation of noise. They have great interfaces and the app power is cool and the build is decent compared to other 'audiophile' players.
    I noted the LO problems years ago at TouchMyApps and it seems Sony have yet to fix them in current hardware. 
    I wish they'd get back on track. But they should have little trouble driving the DITA earphones, but will not show off what the Dita are capable of, even amped.
  8. audionewbi
    Well that is a shame, honestly without kidding ever since I've got the dita I've not purchased any other headphone/IEM. I know preference plays an important role and this is why I am dying for get an FR chart for Dita truth so I can know from now on what to look for my future IEM (but how it does I highly doubt I need anything else for long time).
    My current aim is to bring the very best dita is capable of. I am still in search the final piece of the puzzle which is the amp. I know that I must get a neutral amp as the added warmth of amp seems to impact dita negatively to my ears.
  9. shsh
    I do agree with you.
    But portability wise, ZX1 might be the best.
    I prefer HP-A4 > Dita more than ZX1 > Dita
    Well there's still the Calyx M and DX90.
    From my experience,
    I prefer J3 > Vorzuge amp duo > Heaven 6 to ZX1 > Heaven 6.
    I can't say about Dita as i don't have my J3 and Vorzuge amp now.
  10. WCDchee

    This is my current portable rig. Well my only rig since I do not have any other rigs at the moment. Its the x5 line out with a nocturnal hydra 8 connector cable from treoo to the pico slim and out to the ditas. Its amazing with classical music, with the low end warmth of the x5, and the energy in the upper mids with the separation and air from the pico slim. However, for vocal tracks, i actually sometimes prefer the warmer vocals of the x5.
  11. WCDchee

    You really should try the pico slim i think it might just work for you like it does for me!
  12. audionewbi
    I have the Objective 2 which to my ears are very similar to Slim. I had my eyes on wagnus S. 
  13. WCDchee
    How about the kojo brass?
  14. audionewbi
    From what I've read it is quiet a warm sounding amp, I already have the 627x. I really like the 627x but it is best with more colder sounding stuff. 
    shigzeo likes this.
  15. soundblast75

    I am the same tho i got the se846 and they are stunning too.
    Iem's are getting so good these days:blush:
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