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Dita Audio The Answer imbalance issue?

  1. renegadeofficer
    Hello everyone. I am new here, but have been lurking for a while, and from all the lurking, pushed myself and finally get me a pair of Dita Audio's amazing Answer (not the Truth though...) And I have been absolutely in love with this beast. It handles everything so well, with a wide soundstage and sparkly, yet non-fatiguing highs that I can listen to hours on end, and I usually do. But as some say in here, it requires a heck of a burn in time, where the sound sig varies wildly while that's going on before finally settling down to the sound that I love and enjoyed so much. To Dita, you guys have been doing a bang up great job with this thing, and after I demoed the Truth edition last year, that's my next target. Not the DREAM though, waaaaaaaaaay out of my budget tier... T_T
    Now, here's a problem with it. A couple months back, I RMA'd my Answer because I accidentally cut the sleeve of the cable. Got it back, pristine and shiny, but now it had another issue. I have this imbalance in both size and feel (probably the feel came from the size) of my ear canals, with my right usually fitting better with all IEMs I've tried no matter the price range, and my left a bit looser. Using different size tips made me feel uncomfortable, so I'm stuck with using the largest tips for most IEMs, or the large ones at least, which was the case for the Answer as well. I am not particularly fine with this imbalance of feel, which causes me to push them deeper into my left ear which solves that feel issue.
    The problem is that after a while, the left audio will disappear, almost as if someone pulled the balance slider to the right instead. At first, I thought this issue is a problem only I have, since my other IEMs also had this same issue, but not this bad. Just today, I had a friend test it when I feel the problem, and he had the same observation, which means this wasn't something that I just "feel", like my other IEMs. Swapping to my Pinnacle P1 backup confirmed that the audio there is balanced, and reswapping to the Answer still had the same imbalance in audio.
    Now here's the thing. Let it be for a while, and that imbalance disappears, and it went back to having no issues. After a couple while this happened today, I saw that the black cloth (I think?) filter of the nozzle was seemingly wet for some reason, and once it looks dry, it returned to normal.
    Is this behaviour normal? And is there any solutions to this? Also, I have always wondered what those black mesh thing given together with the Answer that stuck on a piece of brown plastic for. Are those replacement meshes?
    I'm sorry if there's anything I got wrong, and please ask me for additional details if necessary. Thanks in advance!
  2. DGG32
    Have you tried replacing the left filter? It is included in the box but can be easily overlooked. It comes in a strip of 4. Hope this helps!
  3. renegadeofficer
    Ah, so that's the filter. I saw that, that's the mesh thing I was talking about. So can I just pull it off and place it in? Does it have a glue on it or do I have to use my own?
  4. DGG32
    You can use a pair of tweezers to remove them. Glue has already been pre-applied on the filters though it might be a little tricky to align.  
  5. WCDchee
    You might have ear discharge. Get it checked at the Doctors.
  6. renegadeofficer
    I might. Ain't fun if that's true. I'm hoping it's not...

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