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Dita Audio Flagship - "The Dream"

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  1. SeeSax
    Time to figure out how to sell mine to Japan :)

  2. eddyheadphone

    You misunderstood my point here. Let me explain. First, it is a product that cost over 1000 dollars. Any consumer would expect it can work longer than one year and most earphones from other brands clearly do such as my Westone. I am not saying that I am unwilling to pay to fix my Dita. For example, iPhone X asks for a ton of money if the glasses break after warranty. Would I pay for it? Of course yes! Because I dropped it. It is completely my fault. In the case of Dita, I did not do anything but it failed so many times. To me, this is an iPhone 6s battery problem. The battery is faulty itself so Apple has to replace for everyone free of charge. Of course, I did not ask Dita to get me a new one for free, because I know it is such a small company, that still need profits to survive. After negotiation, both Dita and I made some compromise. I do admit their consumer service is decent, that is why I retracted my post.
  3. Max Choiral
    Any info on a new prototype?


  4. Jazza517
    These are new pair with analogue sounding. Though it not the iem I am interested in but the cable, IMO it complement my encore very well.
  5. Toolman
    Can you share a bit more of your experience pairing Encore with OSLO?

    Listened to the final-tuned Dream XLS and I must say I loved the sound of this...fast, coherent, spacious and able to dig out lots of details of a track. If you like the original OSLO, this updated cable is pure heavenly. Wished I could get more time with this in the coming days :L3000:
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  6. audionewbi
    I had a luxury to try the new Dita Dream XLS, last week during my trip to Singapore. Despite my previous visit where I had so many highlight, this trip the audio market seem rather dead, or better to say felt stagnated. This trip the there two products that gotten my attention, first was the Questyle QPM and second was Dita Dream XLS.

    XLS felt like a more mature Dita Truth. For those that do not know know, for me Dita Truth is one of the reference IEM that I use to test my other gears for how well it pairs with R2R2000 and how well it performs when it comes to PRaT. Also while it is not perfect, due to it is rather sucked in midrange, it does so many other things well.
    In short, those who like the tonality of Truth, should like Dita DXL, as to me it is a more mature Dita Truth. I sadly no longer have my Dita Dream (original version), so I could not do a side by side comparison. however beside a wider horizontal soundstage on Dita Truth, the XLS improves on everything else Truth has to offer.

    Its midrange is more present, making vocal more enjoyably, its bass is as fast and slamming as the original, same quality. Fitwise, it was an improvement over feality/fidelity, but to me the original truth felt more comfortable. than again the original did not offer you replacable cable.

    XLS comes with a more softer version of Oslo cable.

    Disclaimer: I was told this version of XLS had less than 100 hours of usage. Dita as a team/brand are a group of people that I'm honored to know beyond just an earphone manufacture. To me, the longer I'm in this hobby I realize this hobby is all about the people you meet not the product, Kenneth if you are reading this, you are a true champion.

    20191001_183406.jpg 20191001_183409.jpg 20191001_184140.jpg
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  7. subguy812
    I have had my XLS for a few weeks now. I am loving the sound. The fit is finicky, but if you can obtain a good seal you will be rewarded.
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