Disappointment with Cans or Source... your experiences?
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Dec 31, 2008
Luckily this happened to me with fairly low budget cans.

I currently use my Sony MDR7506 with a HeadRoom MicroAmp at work. I quite enjoy it, but decided to try the MDR7509HD, a supposedly considerable upgrade. I paid more than twice the price for them as I had for the 7506's, and I must say that it has been such a disappointment. To my ears, the MDR7506's are the better cans and Sony got the big brother wrong.

Going from Senn HD595's to 650's was a surprisingly positive upgrade. I didn't expect a sound that was so much better. The Denon AH-D5000's have been different and satisfying in their own way. I'll be shortly getting a pair of Grado's.

On the hardware side I haven't been disappointed with my upgrade path. Each new component in which I invested more hasn't disappointed.

However, I'm curious about the experience of others here. Are there any cans that you've upgraded to only to find yourself feeling that what you had before, at considerably less cost, was better sounding? The same for equipment.
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not exactly an upgrade but yes absolutely. My westone 3's were a complete utter disappointment after owning my se530's and triple fi 10's. They sounded so bad and sibilant (yes I tried every tip) I could not even listen to them. IE8<Triple Fi.10<SE530<W3 imo
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Don't you mean IE8>TF10>SE530>W3?
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don't wanna spoil the party, but this thread is on the headroom's forum because...??

Because it's too noisy outside to think?


Carry on, if you want to chat in this corner that's okay with me.

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so far i was pretty satisfied with every upgrade i made, with every upgrade i got better sound, including my transport which was my last upgrade in the chain.
My few last upgrades were mainly in the digital section (transport,interconnects). since i got my ultra micro stack with the upgraded astrodynes i never felt the urge to upgrade my rig , so i am only "polishing" to get the best out of it, and i think i pretty much got to the best i can get...well maybe except the DPS which i couldn't afford.

the next step will be a VERY expensive super high-end rig, but that won't happen soon (if ever).

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