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Dignis Cowon Plenue 2 "Pluto" brown leather case SOLD

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  1. someyoungguy
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    Hey there head-fi'ers,

    I bought this case to go with a recently purchased P2 mk II, as it's pretty much the most dapper dap case I've ever seen, and a little more subdued than the other bright red and blue Dignis cases for the P2. Great quality as always from Dignis.

    Only selling it as the P2 mk II wasn't quite hitting the right mark for me and I returned it within the exchange period.

    So, a very lightly used Dignis case can be yours to enjoy instead :). Includes original packaging. Only mark on it is one mid-way up the right side of the case (tried to show this in photo below) - that was actually already present when I received the case new.

    Here's the listing on the Dignis website: http://dignisdesign.com/product/pluto-p2-freedom-leather-case/220/?cate_no=85&display_group=1

    Retails for $78 USD new.

    Selling for $50 USD including paypal fees and shipping worldwide.
    file1-6.jpeg file1-7.jpeg file2-6.jpeg file-9.jpeg file-10.jpeg file2-7.jpeg file-11.jpeg file1-8.jpeg
  2. someyoungguy
  3. someyoungguy
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