Digital camera exposure + glowing tubes.
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Andrew LB

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Oct 10, 2002
I just picked up a Canon S30 Powershot 3.2 megapixel camera and was playing around with the exposure settings tonight. This one was for 10 seconds...

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MAN, that is SO COOL looking. If I had a tripod I'd love to play with taking some photos of the tubes to see what they would look like on a good exposure. Does your camera have any way of filtering out noise on long exposures?? I ask as I know Sony has a feature that takes the exposure normally, then takes a second photo and compares them. Whatever is different it counts as noise and rejects them, dramatically increasing the shot quality.

Awesome job Andrew!!!
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Not that I know of. I still haven't done much reading in the manual.
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Sweet. I tried that a while ago also. Here's what I got with lights on and then off. I used my old Nikon Coolpix 950.

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Very cool. I like how they switch back and forth.

I'm going to try getting a super close up picture on my next shot.
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Ok, now I'm gonna have ta take some shots of my tube amp open and exposed to see if they'll look as good as what you creative guys have done!!!

Great job by all!!!
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Andrew LB: Can you check something for me mate?

I just bought a Canon just like yours, and I have a feeling that the red-eye function is broken. Does your red-eye lamp fire when it is set to do so? It's the lamp next to the auto-focus lamp. Could you check for me mate? Just go into a dark room, turn on red-eye reduction with the flash button, and watch the lamp to see if it fires. Check the manual if you have no idea what I'm talking about.
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Yes, it gives a quick flash before the camera takes a picture.
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The picture in my avatar is a WE 300B tube glowing in a dark room, I think the exposure was around 30 seconds with ASA400 film at f8. I shot off a whole roll at different settings to get this one, I really wanted to get the blue glow.
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Thanks Andy - also, how do you increase the exposure time?
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On the Canon S30, you have to switch the dial on the top to "Tv", then use the little control pad "set" on the right side to the right or the left. The more left you go, the longer the exposure, the more to the right, the shorter the exposure. There is a chart on page 69 i think showing how long each setting sets the exposure.

On thing, to make the picture turn out, you have to have this camera on a tripod. Any movement, and your photo will be a big blur.
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The way I did it, I set it on a stable surface and used the timer that way there's no hand movement.
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Andrew LB, very nice. Love the look.

Lan, that's slick ! Hit the lights !

Aeberbach, I was wondering what your avatar was, looks fantastic !
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Very nice art work guys. It's cool putting together two things we like, tubes ans photography.

Andrew, very nice pic. I like the two tone "red-violet".

Ian, I can see you made some tube rolling by the finger prints. Very nice pic. Is this a secret or you can tell us how to setup the "slide show" reveling 2 pics in one?

Thanks for sharing guys !!



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